Here We Are Again

It’s been a little over 2 years since my last post.  I’m not good at this sort of thing as you can see, but I’m working on it.  I’m better at keeping a hand written journal than I am about keeping an electronic one.  As I said, I’m working on it.

What’s new:

I’m a grandma – Yaya as the Greeks say.  She’s as cute as a button and born in late May.  She’s 2 now.  She’s my youngest son’s first child, and the apple of his eye as she should be.  Unfortunately, they live almost two hours away from me so I can only see them once a month – on my days off.  I can’t afford to drive out every weekend right now.

Blood of a Friend is done.  I think I wrote about it last time.  It’s published on  I have almost completed The Inbetween, my second ever gothic horror.  It’s not related to Blood.  I am currently trying to work on a sequel to Blood I’m calling Ashes to Ashes.  I may change the title later.

I’m still crocheting.  It helps me relax and muse over ideas for my writing.  I’m considering trying to sell some of the things I make – if I have time.

I changed jobs.  My health got too bad to do the job I was doing – they didn’t want to accommodate me either.  Now though, my health is better.  Bad thing was I had to take a huge pay cut, and I’m not as active as I was so I’ve gained weight. I’m working on losing it again  by finding different ways to exercise.  I’m on Yes.Fit, and I’ve done four races so far.  They’re virtual races, but I still do them 🙂

I now have two days off together now so I’m doing more getting out and about driving.  I’ll be posting about these little adventures when I get a chance – with pictures!  I also post on TripAdvisor so I could post there and here almost at the same time.  We’ll see.

There’s a great deal more I may write about as well.  I just hope I remember because I have so much I do every day.  Wish me luck!

Allons y!


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