I just finished watching another movie version of Hamlet.  This one starred Patrick Stewart and David Tennant.  I’ve seen the one done starring Mel Gibson and Glenn Close in 1990.  Of the two, I like the one with Patrick Stewart better.

Mel Gibson was quite good but he was so over the top in a lot of what he did in the film.  I found it hard to connect with him, to feel sorry for him.  Glenn Close was quite good as the queen mother, Gertrude.

In the film with Patrick Stewart, he was great as the devious Claudius and as the late king Hamlet’s ghost.  I really liked his solo scene.  David Tennant was brilliant as Hamlet.  I found myself crying in certain parts simply because I’d connected with him and felt sorry for him.

It was worth spending three hours watching this movie.  I found there were times when I couldn’t stop, the scene was so intense it wouldn’t let you go!  I must confess, there were times when it did drag – how could it not – and I took these times to get a drink and visit the loo. 🙂

I’m going to rewatch A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Callista Flockhart this weekend.  I’m working nights all this week so won’t have the time.

Yes, I really enjoy Shakespeare.  I like other playwrights as well, but he’s my favorite.


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