Bump In the Road

I’ve encountered a bump in the road over the last few days with my writing, I’m afraid.

I was all set to get to writing on Friday – one of my two days off in a row – and I got a package in the mail from the vet where I had to put down my beautiful and beloved 5 yr old cat, Lancelot.  He was diagnosed with FIP when he was a year and a half old.  I took care of him until he developed a secondary condition which made him too ill to go on a little over a month ago.  I paid to have a cast of one of his paws made at the same time, and it finally came in the mail.  Getting it broke my heart all over again, and I was a wreck the entire time I was off.  I was still feeling down when I took a test for my Book Keeping class on Sunday while I was at work, between calls of course.

I passed the test, and I felt good enough to try some writing.  I don’t write when I’m down because all I write is junk – a waste of time and resources.

I managed to write 1500 words yesterday, and I’m working on trying to get inspired to write today.  I’m even watching fantasy movies to try to get some magic back.  That’s a different post than this one.  I just hope I can get some writing done and keep to my schedule.

We’ll see….


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