On the Road Again

I have been agonizing over my iniability to write of late.  I was in the process of trashing the tripe I’d written while feeling very down when I decided to reread everything else.

As I was reading, I liked the parts I wrote about my ongoing saga with Kitya, but I was hating the parts I’d written about newcomer, Vice.  After some more thinking, sans mark out pen, I thought about Vice.  I wondered if I should keep him or relagate him to a more minor character.

Thing is, Vice is a major co star in this drama just as Angarde was in Crimson Knight.  He is the Knave as Angarde was the Knight.  NO, that was not intentional – for those smart alecks out there.

Unlike Angarde whose scenes were right there with Kitya, Vice has his own scenes with his own costar, Rajinstorm, aka Raj.  Because of this, I need to treat Vice with more respect than I was doing.  He is the focal of his own scenes and deserves to be more fleshed out – more fleshed out that perhaps Angarde was in fact.  I’m still working on that part.

To make a long story short (too late I know), I’ve rewritten the first chapter with Vice in it, and I’m now working on the second.  The rewrites are not only longer, they are not so rushed.  Vice comes out better, more likeable, and less of a joke – in mho.  I’ll continue to work on him and try a lot harder to treat him as the star he is. 🙂

Angarde isn’t in the second book, wonder if Vice should make it into the third? WEG.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel!  A sonic screwdriver wouldn’t hurt either. 🙂


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