Today was a good day

I got up this morning, and I fed the outside cats.  It’s something I do every day, twice a day, like clockwork – sort of.  I don’t feed them at the precise same time every day, but I do feed them twice a day, even on my days off.

After that, I made my bed.  That’s something I hardly do because not only does no one else see my bed but I see no point in doing something up when I’m just going to undo it again later.  Still, I made my bed today.  I looked at it all made up, said “meh” with a shrug and went on with my day.  I felt not one whit productive.

I put on some heavy metal music, threw some laundry in the washer and went to work on GK.  The laundry went in the dryer, and the music changed to opera.  Now, I was feeling productive.  Laundry was done, two  operas were enjoyed, and dishes were put in to soak. GK was moving right along.  I finished with Vice stealing a ship and moved back to Kitya still in her prison cell.  Yes, Vice stole a ship, stay with me here.

Dishes were washed, and I counted all the words I’d written, deciding I’d found a good spot to stop for a bit.

GK is now at 41 pages and approximately, 15,000 words.  Not a bad place to stop.

I’ve been binging on Doctor Who reruns the past few days and am up to the 4th Doctor now. 🙂  I was a child when the first set of doctors were on and then, as I got older, life happened causing me to miss a lot of the show.  Still, I remember all of the 3rd Doctor as well as the 4th and 5th ones.  The 4th played by Tom Baker is still my all time favorite though I must say the 11 Doctor (I count the War Doctor) played by David Tennant is a close second.  I’m looking forward to seeing the newest doctor – played by a woman.

Back to my day.  I binged on Doctor Who until it was time for John Pertwee(3) to regenerate into Tom Baker(4).  I loved rediscovering when the sonic screwdriver first made an appearance, and I must say it looked very much like a tire’s pressure gauge.

I stopped watching television, put on classical music and worked on my Penn Foster Bookkeeping class.  I’m on the first part of the third module.  I got halfway through the module and had to take a break.  I was getting stressed and giving myself a headache.  I really want to make good grades, and this causes me to stress out.  I’m just like that.

I had an early dinner, played on Facebook and watched the third season of Endeavour.  I’m a big fan of DI Morse and later, of DI Lewis so Endeavour with a young Morse is lots of fun to watch.

Now, I’m going back to my studies.  I haven’t come up with anything good for Kitya’s newest scene, but I’m planning her escape.  I just need to come up with something good and plausible. 🙂 Mostly plausible since this is a fantasy story after all.

More to come.

Catch you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel!


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