Rough draft of Golden Knave is done!

Yes!  It ended up being around 55 handwritten pages and 20,000 words!!  I have plenty of room to build and plenty of places to do it in so I’m not worried about my first edit.

I posted on Facebook for Beta readers, and I was pleasantly surprised to find four people willing to read for me. I’m pretty encouraged by this response.  I’ll be starting on the rewrite in two weeks.  I need some time to rest and think over scenes I want to build up.  I plan to make a lot of notes before I actually start the first edit too.

I didn’t realize how much of a confidence builder finishing this has been, but I feel like I’m walking on air right now. 🙂

Now, I’m going to watch movies and British television shows while I take a break.  Te newest season of Endeavor has been released, and I’m eager to get my Morse fix!

I’ll see you on the flipside so mind how you go and don’t forget your towel!


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