Website Update

I am still working on my website, but I think I have it nearly complete.  I’m dithering between adding images for my books or not.  I don’t have any really good ones which means several hours on a photo editor for each image.  Considering my health right now, not sure if I could comfortably handle that.  It’s something to consider though since I really want people to like my site and visit it.

I have completed the rest of the pages for the site to my satisfaction though so that’s a plus.  I think I may announce the site sans images and then add the images at a later time, as each one is completed to my liking.

Sounds good to me.  Okay, that’s my update.  I am going to an art show/art contest tonight featuring a friend of mine who is a fantastic artist.  I’ll post pictures with my blog tomorrow as well as contact information for her. 🙂

See you on the flip side and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver.  We may put together a bureau! lol


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