Art Show in Lufkin Texas

My friend, Brenda Dubose, is a fantastic artist who is working full time in a Lowe’s store and painting on the side.  This is most egregious to me.  She should be working on her painting full time but alas, she isn’t selling a lot of her art nor does she have a wealthy patron to support her as many artists have had in the past.

Still, she works at things as best she can, and she is another great source of inspiration to me.  I went to the art show this weekend here in Lufkin put on by the Lufkin Art Guild, and it was a smashing success for all who participated.

I have posted a picture of one part of the show in the gallery where it was hosted.  I have also posted several paintings done by Brenda Dubose.  She does custom work as well.  The link to her Facebook page is :

Lufkin Art Show Fall 2017
by Brenda Dubose
by Brenda Dubose

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