Playing Catch Up

I didn’t have a chance to post online of late so I’m having to play catch up now.

I finished NaNoWriMo (which is actually National Novel Writing Month not National November Writers Month) only a little less than two thousand words from my goal of 60,000 words. 🙂

I submitted The Crimson Knight to Speaking Volumes on 12/11/2017. I didn’t do it before because I was so nervous about being rejected, but I bit the bullet.  According to the submission guidelines for the publishing company, if I don’t hear from them within six months the manuscript was rejected.  Here’s to hoping I hear from them.

I’ve almost completed my Bookkeeping course too.  I have one module left plus my final project. I’ll be looking get an Associate degree in Business Management.  The degree will help me with my writing career.

I also found out I don’t care for living on a sailboat, even if it’s moored in a marina.  It was only 37 feet and cramped, among other things.

So now, you know what I’ve been up to since I last posted.  I’ll work harder to post on a more regular basis.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!


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