Winchester – the movie

I went to the District Theatre in Webster, Texas to see the premier of this show in my area.  It’s a horror film produced by Lionsgate starring Helen Mirren and several other actors whose names escape me; I’m not familiar with their work.  This movie is directed by a pair of brothers I’ve never heard of, but who had a sound bite just before the movie began introducing themselves to the audience.  Wanna be Cohen Brothers perhaps?

The movie is based on the real life story of Widow Winchester, her late husband having invented the famous, and infamous, Winchester rifle.  Using the tales of the poor woman and her need to build, always building, on her home around the clock even unto her deathbed, the aim is to draw you into her world of fear and superstition.

The soundtrack was nice, but it was lacking.  A soundtrack is supposed to add to the movie it’s with.  It’s supposed to aid in developing ambience, evoking emotions in step with the scenes being shown.  In my humble opinion, the soundtrack fell short in a couple of key areas.

Maybe I am jaded from seeing so many horror movies in my life – psychological thrillers more than the inane gore fests you see mostly nowadays – I wasn’t really scared.  I did jump a couple of times, with a tiny bit of thrill going through me, but that was more due to special effects than the movie itself.

There is a scene that made me reference Poltergeist which made my companion smile – he got the joke.  Maybe you’ll be able to spot it too. Let me know if you do. 🙂

I had thought, hoped even, that since this was a Lionsgate picture, it would be more, so much more than it ended up being.  I mean, they’ve done some killer flicks in the past full of horror and drama, evoking fear with sound and sight combined.  This one, in my humble opinion, fell short of the mark.

Does this mean don’t go see the movie?  Who am I to tell you that??  I am just voicing an opinion, something everyone has.  If you want to go see the movie, Go!  Don’t let me stop you, don’t even hesitate if it’s something you want to do.  Feel free to share your opinion, politely phrased in case there are children reading this post too, here and on your own blogs.  I encourage you not to allow yourself to be led, and fed, by the so called “critics” out there who think everyone should listen to them just because.  Make up your own mind and think, do, for yourselves!!

Okay folks, that’s it for today.  I’ll see you on the flipside and don’t forget your towels and sonic screwdrivers – you never know.


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