Daemonium aka Daemonium: Underground Soldier(2015 )

This movie was made in Argentina and seems to be only be available on Netflix.  There is nothing on who did the sound track or who the company was that actually produced the film.  It has subtitles for those who don’t speak Spanish(like me), and I seem to have a thing going for subtitled movies. 🙂

I can tell you the Director is Pablo Pares.  Our lead ladies are Caro Angus who plays several parts including Rebecca/Azazel and Rocio Rodriguez Presedo who plays Lisa.  Our leading men are Dany Casco who plays Razorback, Walter Counas who plays Lucio Fulcanelli and Chucho Fernandez who plays Cortes/El Lobo.  Our main demon, Rufus the Ancient Demon(that is how he is listed no joke!) is played by Jofar Tarruella.  I can honestly say I have never heard of any of these people before but Rocio looks familiar.

So this story is set in a seriously messed up world where humans and demons exist together and not all in mutual harmony either.  Our leading man, Razorback, is to blame for all that when he is part of a group of idiots who force our wizard Fulcanelli to open the portal to hell so the leader of the group(unnamed in the above because he’s an idiot who doesn’t deserve mention) can make a deal with the summoned demon.  The result of this meeting is Fulcanelli runs for the hills and Razorback becomes a despot.

Enter Lisa the poor abandoned wife of Razorback who, at the start of her part of the story, has just found out she’d preggers.  Yay Lisa, but not so much since she ends up getting kidnapped by a religious group opposed to Razorback and his demon minions. They manage to get Lisa on their side, and the story progresses.

I won’t tell you much more than that except ole Rufus does his best impression of Skeletor and then, he and Rebecca/Azazel get down to some serious Kung Fu fighting against each other.  It was weird and yet amusing at the same time.

Now the beginning isn’t all that great – I had flashbacks of Japanese anime come to life – but it got a bit better after that.

If I didn’t know better I would’ve said this movie was Japanese because of the fighting – lots of martial arts mixed in with gunplay and other mayhem.  Costumes were a mix with lots of anime and Steampunk influence.  Wasn’t a great deal of music because there was always a lot of action going on.  There is some blood and gore, but it’s not that disgusting.

In short, in my humble opinion, don’t expect much out of this movie and don’t take it too seriously.  It’s amusing, dark, violent and simply mindless fun to watch.  There is foul language, some weird nudity, lots of violence and other stuff so I don’t suggest allowing impressionable children to watch.

Thus ends my movie review, I hope you enjoyed it and might, if you feel bored, take a gander at the movie.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!

Personal Update – Feb. 15

First off, I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. 🙂

The Dentist and I – Still an ongoing dance with this.  I had misspoke on a previous post talking about this.  I was to see the dentist on the 12th of Feb, not see him in 21 days – sorry about that.  So anyway, saw the dentist and still waiting to get the inserts put in my denture so the pins will have something to snap onto.  Dr. Shirley(a man so no snide comments please) wants to make sure the bone is solid around the pins so the pins won’t come out the first time I eat something like ribs.  I don’t want the pins coming out either – getting them in in the first place was not something I want to repeat.

Writing – I am working on a short story I plan to submit to FunDead Publications.  I love the name of the company, don’t you.  Punnish Gothic lol.  I got an email that had information about submitting entries for their upcoming anthology and after reading the guidelines, I decided to try my luck.

Not long after I read all of that, I was on Facebook trolling about.  I saw a meme that had the little story about Nobody, Anybody, Somebody and Everybody.  It was cute and a bit amusing.  Once I read it, I decided to name my story Mr. Nobody.  I don’t normally name my stories first, usually I write them and then name them.  Now, I had a name but no story.  Over a period of nearly a week, I mulled over the story, coming up with openings, partial plots and not liking anything.  I almost chucked the idea entirely.

Then, as I was crocheting and playing a farming game, an idea came to me.  I did some research to make sure it was feasible, or at best, believable – something else I don’t normally do since my work is typically fantasy so all those things get thrown out the window(along with the kitchen sink at times).  So, here I am musing over an idea, and I remember seeing the picture of an old house I liked the look at some time ago.  I dug up the picture, and the beginning of the story began to form.  Yay me!

Still, I had nothing concrete so I kept thinking things over while crocheting.  I like to work stories out in my head, scenes anyway.  I had characters starting to show up and talk to me.  Then, out of the blue, an ending came to me.  It gave me the shivers how clear the entire thing was to me.  So now, I have a bit of a beginning, some players ready for parts and a great(to me anyway) ending.  I am still working on how to get from Point A to Point B and then to Point C.  Stories always have three points: a beginning, a middle and an end.  I’m still working on it.  I have until March 11 so I have time.

 Crafting – I mention crocheting because it’s the main thing I like to do.  I have tried, half assed, and at times, barely assed, getting them sold online.  I have decided I’m tired of worrying about if it’s going to work or not.  I am going to do my best to start and run an online shop selling my handcrafts as well as those of others when I’m big enough.  I am a great fiber artist, and I want to show the world what I can do!!  Wish me well!!

And that is all I have to report at this time.  Golden Knight is still being edited in spurts.  I don’t write when I don’t feel like it, and I haven’t felt like it in a while.  Perhaps, with the short story, I can kick start my writing urge and get GK done so I can get it to my Beta Readers.  We’ll see.

See you all on the flipside and don’t forget to bring your towel and sonic screwdriver!

Riggs – Hollow City

“The second novel of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children” – as written  on the cover of the novel.  Written by Ransom Riggs and published by Quirk Books.  Copyright 2014 .  The copy I have is a paperback of trade size and 396 pages of story followed by Acknowledgements(I don’t read those usually) and a section called A Conversation with Ransom Riggs.  The book is rounded out by an excerpt from the third novel in the series.

The first novel of this series was made into a movie, and it was almost as peculiar as the book. I’d like to see this one also made into a movie, but I haven’t seen anything to suggest it will.  A great many people don’t enjoy the peculiar.  It makes them uncomfortable.  I don’t mind as long as the peculiarity is done correctly and not used to simply make a joke.  Those types of jokes are horrible to me – my first thought was obscene but upon reflection, I think that word is a bit harsh.

The book itself was wonderful, well written and quite moving at times.  The author portrays the reality of war while throwing in the oddness of the children as a way of throwing you off the harshness of the reality.  Children do die, people and animals do die in this book but not for nothing.  The story moves on, motivates our cast of children, and we go on with them.

This is not a happy story though there are parts that are relatively sweet and lovely.  Some scenes touch on the idyllic.  Still, this is not a happy story nor is it meant to be.  It’s a story of a group of special people trying to survive while another group of people attempt to either imprison them or destroy them.  This is a story of survival and at times, it gets a bit grim.  Still, it has its merits, and I think it’s a very good read.

I would suggest reading it, especially if you have seen the movie or read the first book – or both.  It has a nice twist in it as well as some new peculiar children you didn’t meet in the first novel.  I’m looking forward to reading the third book – our young hero, Jacob, is becoming quite an interesting fellow.

Well my friends, I’ll see you on the flipside and don’t forget to bring your towel and sonic screwdriver – things might get a bit….peculiar.

Wristcutters: A Love Story(2007)

Before I begin, let me just say that this movie review in no way advocates suicide, or self murder as it used to be called and should still be imho.  If you are feeling suicidal, please, get help!!  I know how hard it is to reach out and ask for the help you need, I tried to murder myself three times; the last time would’ve killed me if I hadn’t been found in time.  It was then, in a hospital bed with an IV in my arm and tears running down my face from all the pain, inside and out, that I finally asked for help.  I don’t want you to even get that close.  Talk to someone, anyone!

If need be, call the Suicide Hotline:1-800-273-8255

You are not alone, I promise.

Now, to the review:

I was sitting here, bored to tears, and I hopped on Hulu just to see what movie might catch my eye.  I scrolled through a bunch before I saw the grouping called Cult Classics.  It looked interesting so, I started looking for movies I knew.  I ended up seeing this really odd movie title: Wristcutters: A Love Story.  Wait, this was a Cult Classic??  Why hadn’t I heard of it before if it was good enough to be called that?  Surely, one of my friends has seen it before.  I’m going to ask Joshua today; he seems to be up on all the odd and rarely seen movies.

So, this movie is a dark comedy like Pulp Fiction or Juno – fair warning.  It’s also pretty weird – just like Pulp Fiction.  It stars Patrick Fugit as Zia, our erstwhile hero.  He is known for his roles in Gone Girl and Almost Famous.  I haven’t seen either one.  There is Shannyn Sossamon as Mikal, our leading lady.  She is known for her roles in Wayward Pines and A Knight’s Tale. I’ve watched bits of the first and all of the second.  Then, to round out our trio of leading actors/actresses is Shea Whigham as Eugene.  He is known for his roles in Take Shelter and Non-Stop. I’ve not seen either one of those before.

The movie is produced by No Matters Pictures, Crispy Films and Adam Sherman Inc.  The soundtrack mostly features songs performed by Gogol Bordello(never heard of them) including the song the actors sing or listen to so much it became annoying: Roof n Underground.  The rest of the songs were fairly weird too if you paid attention to them.

Now, the movie begins with our young lad, Zia, offing himself (their words, not mine).  His only reaction as he lay on the bathroom floor bleeding out is not that he was dieing, it was that he’d left dust bunnies behind the bathroom door after meticulously cleaning his efficiency apartment.  Cue the weirdness.

Zia narrates some of the movie by the way.  He ends up in a city just like the one he left, living a life just like he’d led before – only they’re worse.  Not one person every smiles, not because they’re happy anyway.  Not one person is happy.  This place is like limbo for all the people who have committed suicide.

Zia meets Eugene in a dive bar, and after sharing how they killed themselves – Eugene’s death is NOT something anyone should do – they become friends.  They go on a journey looking for Zia’s  ex girlfriend, Desiree, when he finds out she also committed suicide.  He had been in a relationship with her before he killed himself.

Anyway, they’re go off looking for Desiree in the countryside because Zia is sure she’s not in the city they were in.  Along the way, they pick up Mikal who is hitchhiking.  She tells them she’s not a suicide and she’s looking for the People In Charge(PIC) because she’d been sent there by mistake.  She didn’t off herself, she OD’ed.  Cue more weirdness .

Along the way to finding both Desiree and the People In Charge,  Zia finds himself in love with Mikal – she reminds him of the nice things of life that he was now missing.

I won’t ruin the movie for you.  It’s not all doom and gloom.  It’s more like watching a train wreck and not being able to pull your eyes away from the horror and mayhem you believe you’re about to see.  Relax, it’s not all that bad.

I’d rate this movie a 3 out of 5 simply because the only thing I really liked about it was the acting.  This is definitely a character driven movie.  Enjoy, or not.  Drop me a line either way if you do watch it and want to share your feelings about it.

Time to fly so see you all on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!

In My Life Today 2/8/2018

In previous posts about myself, I’ve mentioned my ongoing journey to getting dental implants and new “teeth”.  They’re dentures really, but they are the kind that won’t come out unless something very bad happens to my jaw.

So anyway, Monday was the day.  I was originally scheduled to have them in on the 16th of this month, but my dentures came in early so, the dentist rescheduled me.  I’m sure he was as anxious to get this done as I was.

Side note: my dentist is awesome.  He talks to himself in the third person but acts as if you and he were having a conversation even though you are in no position to actually speak.  He makes dentist jokes: Am I make a good impression.  This is my crowning achievement.  You get the idea.  He also very careful to make sure everything is just right and that you aren’t in any pain during the procedures.  I had to go back to him twice for fittings to make sure the teeth where where they’re supposed to be.  My first set of temporary dentures had an overbite from hell which made eating difficult for me.

Back to Monday:  I went in about 1:30 pm. and was taken to the back right away by the wonderful receptionist the dentist has.  I got an X-ray done of my jaws then, I sat in the chair where I was starting on nitrous oxide(laughing gas).  The dentist puttered about for a bit getting things ready, showed me my new teeth and puttered about some more.  Finally, when I was feeling woozy enough to close my eyes, he began giving me the shots that would numb my gums.  I hate shots with a passion, and him doing that woke me up a bit.

He handed me a wad of tissue to hold in my right hand which is closest to him.  He has done that every time I was in there to have work done.  I guess it’s so I won’t grab him. lol  So he waits a bit for the medicine to kick in, chatting to me as he waits.  He tests my gums with a pointy thing and decides he can begin.  He puts a template over my gums and goes to work with a drill.  The third hole he drills is a bit uncomfortable, but the fourth really woke me up.  The result was more shots which upset me because the gums in the front by my nose seem to be very sensitive.

While he waits for those shots to work, he starts putting in the posts – the micro implants as he called them.  They’re 1.8 mm thick with a rounded head. He put in all three on the right side of my jaw, and one of them went in at an angle he didn’t like.  He drilled and screwed in the rest of them implants on the left side of my jaw before he fixed the angle on the one on the right which was hurting me.

Now, this man just didn’t screw these things in with his fingers.  He used what he called a “butterfly”. I’m guessing that’s a wrench of some sort.  He said he needed it to get torque.  Considering he was talking about my jaw, I wasn’t too crazy to hear that word.  Anyway, he also used a rachet wrench which sounded awful in my head.  I’d used a large version of the wrench so I knew what it sounded like.  The dentist also took a great deal of time putting the implants in because of friction.  He didn’t want to build up too much heat and hurt my jaw or the implant.  The implants are medical grade titanium by the way.

Eventually, he was done, and he gave me antibiotics and painkillers for the next week.  I am to see him in 21 days.  For the entire time, I’m back on a soft food/liquid diet.  Bleh.  It could be worse,I could not have been a candidate for the procedure and been stuck with junky dentures for the rest of my life.

Oh yes, I do have my new set of dentures in, but they aren’t attached to the pins yet.  There is a layer of soft putty and then adhesive to keep my teeth in place and protect my gums so they can heal.  The pins are lined up inside the holes in my dentures, but they aren’t locked in.  Once the dentist is satisfied the bone in my jaw has sufficiently grown closed around the pins, then he’ll put the inserts into the dentures so the pins will have something to lock down onto.  He’ll also cut out the palate that is keeping everything stable while I heal.  I can say these “permanent” teeth are thicker and a bit heavier than the temporary ones I had.  The front teeth are thicker on the ends and thus, are rounded instead of being sharp and thin.  More like real teeth are.  I’m happy with them.

I’ll keep you posted as to how this journey ends.  Until then, I’ll see you on the flipside.  Don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!  Things might be looking up!


Voltaire – Candide or Optimism

First off, let me say that the book itself, not the story, but the physical book is quite silly.  My copy of it is anyway.

It’s published by Barnes & Noble Books – I didn’t know the book chain has a publishing arm but apparently, it does.  This particular volume was published in 2003.  So far, so good.  They use Henry Morley’s translation which was first published in 1922 – it doesn’t say who by.  Introduction, Notes and Further Reading are all credited to Gina May.  The book is a trade paperback that is about 5 inches wide, 8 inches long and 1/2 an inch thick.

Now, I know they have to pad the book to make it worthwhile to sell – they have to make their money back somehow – right.  The pictures that are added into the volume – done by Alan Odle – don’t make much sense to me.  I think they’re supposed to have some literary merit, but I didn’t pay them much attention after the first one which appears opposite  the title page.

There’s a short bio on Voltaire himself, 1 and 3/4 pages(if that) so no big deal.  Quick table of contents, not of the story but of the entire book. This is short too so, no big deal again.   Then comes a 4 page timeline entitled The World of Candide and Voltaire.  Now, I’m feeling like I’m in history class not reading a book.  What follows next is an atrocious 12 and barely 1/8 pages of total boredom disguising itself as an Introduction.  I didn’t get past page 2 before I decided to skip ahead to the next section.

Now, at last, the story complete with a second title page!  Psyche!  What follows is a list of chapters called Table of Contents(of the story itself this time) styled and spaced so that  it takes up another 4 amd 3/4 pages of space.  Following that is a list of Pencil Plates, also styled and spaced to take up as much room as possible – in this case, one page followed by a blank page.

Then, at the very last, the story begins!!  Hooray, let’s throw a party!  The story itself, from start to finish,including the silly Pencil Plates, is only 120 pages long! Only 120!! The print is also small, but that’s not a long story at all!  No wonder they had to pack all the rest of the schloss in there with it – it would be a short story instead of a novella then.

Now, for a critique of the story.  I’m a realist so I had issues with the story from the start.  I had to make myself finish the story after putting it down several times.  I mean this guy is like Job in the Bible, going from feast to famine as he faces one calamity after another.  There is a short interim where he’s doing well but then, he leaves.  His life falls apart right after that.  During all of this, he remains an optimist believing that everything is “for the best” and a “necessity”.  It’s only towards the end of the story that he seems to be changing his mind.

I’m actually glad I did finish the book because it’s the last part that has me thinking.  It tells about how his old teacher would gloat about being right about everything being for the best.  How this teacher would tell him how everything he’d been through had been necessary for him to reach his current state of peace and happiness.  Candide would always answer this with ” Excellently observed, but we must cultivate our garden.”

That’s food for thought.


Winchester – the movie

I went to the District Theatre in Webster, Texas to see the premier of this show in my area.  It’s a horror film produced by Lionsgate starring Helen Mirren and several other actors whose names escape me; I’m not familiar with their work.  This movie is directed by a pair of brothers I’ve never heard of, but who had a sound bite just before the movie began introducing themselves to the audience.  Wanna be Cohen Brothers perhaps?

The movie is based on the real life story of Widow Winchester, her late husband having invented the famous, and infamous, Winchester rifle.  Using the tales of the poor woman and her need to build, always building, on her home around the clock even unto her deathbed, the aim is to draw you into her world of fear and superstition.

The soundtrack was nice, but it was lacking.  A soundtrack is supposed to add to the movie it’s with.  It’s supposed to aid in developing ambience, evoking emotions in step with the scenes being shown.  In my humble opinion, the soundtrack fell short in a couple of key areas.

Maybe I am jaded from seeing so many horror movies in my life – psychological thrillers more than the inane gore fests you see mostly nowadays – I wasn’t really scared.  I did jump a couple of times, with a tiny bit of thrill going through me, but that was more due to special effects than the movie itself.

There is a scene that made me reference Poltergeist which made my companion smile – he got the joke.  Maybe you’ll be able to spot it too. Let me know if you do. 🙂

I had thought, hoped even, that since this was a Lionsgate picture, it would be more, so much more than it ended up being.  I mean, they’ve done some killer flicks in the past full of horror and drama, evoking fear with sound and sight combined.  This one, in my humble opinion, fell short of the mark.

Does this mean don’t go see the movie?  Who am I to tell you that??  I am just voicing an opinion, something everyone has.  If you want to go see the movie, Go!  Don’t let me stop you, don’t even hesitate if it’s something you want to do.  Feel free to share your opinion, politely phrased in case there are children reading this post too, here and on your own blogs.  I encourage you not to allow yourself to be led, and fed, by the so called “critics” out there who think everyone should listen to them just because.  Make up your own mind and think, do, for yourselves!!

Okay folks, that’s it for today.  I’ll see you on the flipside and don’t forget your towels and sonic screwdrivers – you never know.

Hemingway – For Whom the Bell Tolls – a Reprise

I just finished reading the entire novel.  My copy was printed by Scribner.  It’s a 471 page paperback book of the usual proportions.  I took a day off from reading to work on some other projects I have going and then, last night, I completed the book while listening to Areosmith and Rammstein. Great coupling it turned out to be.

This story is about Robert Jordan, an American professor of Spanish who takes a sabbatical in Spain and gets involved in the revolution as Franco tries to take over Spain for the Communists.  I don’t know much about that war because it was in the late 30s – the US had not become involved in WW II at that time.

Robert Jordan is used as a “dynamiter” – he blows things up.  Things like bridges and trains that are useful to the Communist but not to the revolution.  He is quite successful until he joins up with a group of guerillas in the mountains.  He is sent there to blow up a bridge – nothing more.  He meets a girl, he meets a coward, and he meets people determined to win the war.

Hemingway wrote a powerful story.  His words were fairly minimal when he describes people and places, but he fills them out using the characters – how they feel and behave and think about who and what is around them.

There is a lot of emotion in this book, bravery, cowardice, stress, sorrow and much more, twined around the scenes of action that are caught in vignettes.  These short scenes are more than a drawn out scene would be – in my humble opinion.

This story is more than just about the war, more than just about Robert Jordan and his exploits, and Hemingway shows us all these things with style and wit and grace; he doesn’t shove ideals or morals or anything else down our throats.  He lets us come away with what we want.

The end of the story is something else.  I look forward to reading more of Hemingway’s novels.  I can’t say this novel ended in true Hemingway style because I don’t know what his style of ending is yet.

I recommend this book to anyone who has ever read his short works and wants to see enjoy a longer piece.  He remains, a master of prose, even in this venue.

That’s all folks, see you on the flipside.  Don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!