Lovely Weekend/Golden Knave Update

I have a gentleman friend I see once a month, and this past weekend was this month’s time. We have hectic work schedules plus we live several hours apart so we can’t see each other more often. It means our relationship is developing a lot slower than normal, but we’ve known each other since we were in high school (we just reconnected after 24 years) so we’re not far behind. It makes our time together even more important to us, and that’s a precious thing.

We were talking and somehow, the conversation got around to him confessing he hadn’t read Crimson Knight yet. Considering his work schedule, I’m not hurt by this in any way, and I assured him of this. We talked about the book and how I was learning how to market said book so I could increase sales. Just got a great audio book by Penn on the subject and have already begun working on some of the ideas she gave me. He’s very supportive of my writing ambition even without having read my work, and I appreciate that from him.

Talking about Crimson Knight had me thinking about Golden Knave, the sequel, while I was watching the Texans barely win against the Bills (in ovetime no less!), and I realized something. I realized that I haven’t been able to get past one scene in the book. I hated everything I tried to write after that. I realized that was my muse telling me that part of the book was done; it was time to move on. So, after I add a short bit of dialogue, I’m adding what I have written down to what I have on the computer. Then, that will be sent off to Beta readers while I move on to the next part of the book. I just needed to step back from the project to see why I was hitting the proverbial brick wall.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend like I did, and I’ll see you on the flipside. Don’t forget to bring your towel and sonic screwdriver!!

Crimson Knight print version :

Crimson Knight ebook version : This is available for free from Kindle Unlimited.

Crimson Knight audio book version:

Please leave a review no matter which version you get. If I don’t know how you feel, I can’t fix things or make things better.

*Note* I know about the formatting issues in the print and ebook versions, and they are being worked out.


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