King Arthur Virtual Race

Well I did say I’d post how I was progressing in this race. For those of you who haven’t read my first update for the year, I joined a virtual race on YesFit called King Arthur. The route leads us virtually along the rugged of Cornwall to Tintagel, and there’s a map to show your virtual progress as well as the areas around the race.

I started the race on 9 January, 2020, and I’ve walked every day, recording the total from my pedometer into the dashboard as well as the time it took and how many calories I burned during each walk. The race can be synched to most pedometer devices and many apps so you don’t have to enter manually like I’ve been doing. Easy as pie!

So, what’s my progress? I’ve walked 3. 5 miles out of 23.2 meaning I have 19.7 miles to go. I’ve left the starting point and have gone through an area called Drizzard on my way to Crackington Haven. I’m virtually traveling what appears to be a main road, but there’s no markers on my map. I’m going to try Google Maps to see where I am, and I’ll post that later today – it’s a but early in the morning to be doing research.

I joined King Arthur on Yes.Fit, and I think you should too! If you’re new to Yes.Fit, use the Promo Code dMu5UqMT during check-out, and you get a discount and I get a gift card! This is win-win for us. Don’t forget to use this code when you purchase your first race, otherwise we both lose out. Go to to sign-up for the race and receive your discount! This one-time discount can be applied to any race, as long as it’s your first.

If you do sign up, feel free to share your own progress with me! I’d love to hear about it!

Well folks, time to head to bed. I’ll see you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!


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