Endeavour – Television Show Review

This is a wonderful television show produced by the English and show on Public Broadcasting Station, known in the US as PBS. This is the very same station that helped me discover Dr. Who once upon a time. I really love watching this station!

The show is the prequel to the long running Inspector Morse, and it’s all about how young Endeavour Morse, known to all and sundry as Morse, got to be such a great Inspector. Under the sharp eye of his mentor and friend, Detective Inspector Fred Thursday (played by Roger Allam), Morse (played by Shaun Evans) works all manner of cases. Some get him and Thursday killed!

The show is very good, and I haven’t missed an episode since it first started airing in 2012. It’s up to its 6th season now! I’m looking forward to the new season starting.

This is a Crime, Drama and Mystery show with Morse being the clever sleuth who is almost too smart for his own good. Rather than being snobby or annoying with how smart he is, Morse is rather charming. I feel for the man because he has very bad luck with the ladies, no matter how smart he is.

I give it a five star rating and highly recommend you watch it. Don’t take my word for it though! Watch one episode, hell just watch the first 15 minutes and then, post here to tell me what you think! 🙂 Go on! You know you want to!!

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!


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