The Paralysis of “I Don’t Know”

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We’ve all been there: faced with a decision to make while feeling completely helpless, succumbed to the sheer solidity of not being able to forecast the future. The unwavering cycle of ‘to do, or not to do.’ We subconsciously permit the moment to overwhelm us and in the end paralyze us. What if I told you that you’re actually paralyzing yourself?

The beauty, yet curse, of life is our freedom to make so many choices. So many choices we believe single-handedly impact our future. Society, our friends, family, and even our own selves project so much pressure on us to always make the best decision; however, most of the time that decision isn’t apparent to us, and may not ever be apparent to us. The inherit fear of failing forces us to a standstill, which, to be explicit, is an automatic forfeit. Stop paralyzing yourself.

First, let go of your…

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