Danger at the Disco!!

Ha! Did I get your attention? I bet I did!

Seriously though, that is the name of a song performed by Timothy Wisdom in 2013. I had to look it up because the actual title I was thinking of was Panic at the Disco. Panic at the Disco is a band from around 2004. I was thinking they were older – the whole disco thing, you know.

I don’t know why that came into my head. It being 1am may have had something to do with it. Lol

While looking up what the title really was, I ended up going down a rabbit hole. I searched Danger at the Disco, and the video by Timothy Wisdom was the first one on the Google list. It’s on Youtube so I checked it out. It’s an interesting mix of techno and disco music. I’m not a big fan of disco, but the piece works.

There’s a list of videos recommended for you by Youtube, and I ended up watching the video for Who Wants to Live Forever by the Four Tenors feat. Lindsey Stirling. Of course, the list on the side changed to include clips from Doctor Who – the man who lives forever. Only he’s a woman in the current show. 🙂

I watched a series of the best five speeches made on Doctor Who by the Doctor, but I didn’t think one of them was the best he could’ve given. There are definitely better ones. I really love the rant by Peter Capaldi’s Doctor which he delivers not long after he’s regenerated and his brains are still a bit scrambled. His rant is about his looks, especially his eyebrows. Great stuff there!

Anyway, this led me to watching a compilation of all the regenerations the Doctor has gone through up to now. I still think his falling off an antenna and dieing was the stupidest reason for his death! It was very pedestrian for such a great man!

So you see, I went from a title I’d remembered wrong to a series of regenerations! You should’ve seen the rabbit hole I went down when I was researching David Tennant! I think I may have ended up in Wonderland, or the edges of it at any rate!

Well, it’s 2am, and I need to be getting some sleep.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


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