Little Bit of Country

My gentleman friend is so wonderful to me!! Knowing I’m stuck in quaratine for a bit longer, he purposefully made a trip out to his house in the country. It belonged to his late mother, and he inherited it so no comments from the peanut gallery please.

He knows how much I enjoy going out there to spend time in the country with him. It’s so peaceful and secluded you can actually relax and unwind fully. You can barely hear the highway many miles away – sound carries out there. The sound of birds usually draws your attention away.

It’s early spring here so he’s out there opening the house to air it after being closed up against the cold. He’s also begun moving the grass since all the rain has helped it grow high. He’s not mowing it all down because momma deer will be leaving their babies in the high grass while they go foraging. He found two fawns in the high grass last year when he first started mowing so this year, he’s leaving spots open for the moms.

He took photos and some video as well as a sound recording, but I was only able to share some of the photos on here. The videos were of butterflies and dragonflies moving about parts of the pasture. I’m sure you would’ve liked them. I think, because of this, I am going to be moving my blog from to just as soon as I can. I’ll have a lot more freedom and won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


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