I Saw a Cardinal…

… sitting on a high voltage wire behind my apartment complex yesterday and today, I saw a red headed woodpecker pecking on the pole the wire was attached to.

My apartments back onto a wooded area split by a railroad track. A freight train runs through there from time to time. I enjoy getting up early with Mimi and sitting on a chair outside my back door. I have a tiny little yard, if you want to call it that, but it’s big enough to sit outside and enjoy coffee.

Mimi goes out twice a day when I’m not working and once a day when I am. She stays close, she eats the wild onions for her digestion. She’s a long haired cat who keeps herself well groomed. I feed her food with the indoor cat formula to help her with hairballs, but she still eats the grass. I don’t mind. It’s soothing watching her outside along with listening to the birds.

I haven’t seen any other wildlife around, but that could be because the neighbor’s dogs roam about at different times of the day and night. They shy away from Mimi, and she just hunkers down next to me to watch them. She’s a three year old rescue so I’m not sure if she’s ever seen a dog before. The dogs, well used to the mean ferals that come through from time to time, leaver her alone.

It’s not as nice as the house my gentleman friend has in the country, but it’s still nice.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


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