Mimi the Queen of Fluff

This is my gorgeous Mimi. According to the cat hoarder who sold her to me, she’s supposed to be half Snowshoe and half Longhaired Domestic. She’s also supposed to be about three years old. I don’t care what she is supposed to be. I love her for what she is: my companion.

She gets me up as soon as it’s light outside, I kid you not. She will cry and cry until I get up. In the past, she would sit outside my bedroom and cry but now, she gets on my bed and cries in my face. She used to sleep in my bed until I accidentally knocked her off the bed which offended her. She now gets on the bed and sleeps on my lap only while I read.

I don’t mind her waking me up, not any more. Since I’ve begun working from home, she’s helped me set up a routine. She gets me up in the morning, and I start my coffee before letting her outside. I then drink my coffee outside with her, enjoying the quiet of the early morning. This is when I pray too. It helps me reflect on what I’m grateful for and on what I need help with. I might eat if I’m feeling hungry, but I usually don’t eat until midmorning. I spend about 20 minutes outside and then, Mimi is ready for her own breakfast so, we go back inside. I feed her and begin my work day. I eat at midmorning and then, I break again for lunch. Mimi insists on this lunch break, and I oblige her. She goes back outside, and I sit outside with her unless it’s too hot. Mimi won’t stay out long so I cook, eat my lunch, clean up and let her back inside so she can have her own lunch. I’m then back at work until 5 or 6 pm. Mimi goes back outside, and I have dinner before she comes back inside and eats as well. I stay up until 9 or 10 and then, I go to bed. Mimi wakes me up again, and the cycle continues.

I have found myself becoming more organized and more productive because of this routine with Mimi. I don’t stress as much because when I do, she wants to get in my lap whether I’m reading or not. She seems to sense I need a short break, and she makes me take one. My life has more direction and more drive since she came into my life. I thought I was rescuing her, but she has ended up rescuing me.

Emotionally, my life is better too. I live with ADD and depresssion. I lost my last companion and muse, Lancelot about four years ago, and I didn’t think I’d ever want another companion, cat or other, after that. His loss was devastating to me, and I got very depressed. I stopped sleeping, ate horribly and was just in an awful state. Eventually, things got better, and I found myself very lonely. I had my gentleman friend by this time, but he doesn’t live with me. I found myself yearning for a furbaby again, but I couldn’t quite get myself to go in search of one. Then, one day, I just did it. I found a lady claiming to be in charge of a rescue center(long story that), and I was able to buy Mimi from her.

It was one of the best decisions I’d ever made, aside from saving Lancelot when he was barely weaned. We needed each other and now, I can’t imagine my life without her – even if she is one of the most annoying alarm clocks ever.

In my next post, I’ll be telling you all about this fantastic writing site I found!

Until then, see you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


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