Golden Knave Update – Sept

I’ve been writing twice a day every day since Sept. 12 except for yesterday, Sept 19 and today, Sept 20. I started with a writing sprint event put on by DIY MFA. a fantastic writing site I’ve already wrote a post about. After the weekend long event, I was so pumped up about writing I decided to keep going.

“Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes permanent.” – Gabriela Pereira

That is a beautifully put phrase, and it’s one I can’t forget. This past weekend, since I didn’t have to work, I decided to do three writing sprint sessions a day instead of two. I just finished my third one, and I already can’t wait until tomorrow.

I don’t write in big spurts. I don’t even try to. My body, and my brain, won’t allow it. I can’t sit in one place for very long before my lower back and shoulders start screaming. My attention span won’t hold out very long either. It had become so frustruating my writing eventually stalled out….again.

These writing sprints were one hour long. I focused just on handwriting two pages – one page both sides actually. It equals about 600 words per session. I wasn’t interested in the word count. Word count will matter when I’m putting things on the computer and working towards my final draft. I just wanted to write. I wrote. I wrote some more. I can’t not write. I plan out each writing session, and I get antsy if I think I’m going to miss one.

I’m pleased I’m writing again. I’m even happier I found a way to do so without killing myself or my project. I do plan to up the stakes starting tomorrow. My new goal is to create four handwritten pages, two pages front and back. I plan to stay with the two sprints a day during the day and three on weekends. I won’t go past two hours at a time because I know that won’t work. I’ve tried it before.

So, in closing, Golden Knave is back on track again! Vice is about to steal a boat in fact! A Golden Duchess for a Golden Knave no less!!

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


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