Fake Money Making Game: Pops Connect

This is a game by ToyStar Games which promises to pay you real money when you reach their payout level of $200. Most of these types of games have $50 and $100 payout levels. I figured this one was so high because the game is so easy to play.

It is easy too. You simply merge matching numbers to create bigger numbers and keep going until you can’t merge any more numbers. The game then resets, and you try again.

The point of the game is to make money. You earn a lot in the beginning, getting rewarded for the merging you’re doing. The more numbers you merge together, the more money you earn – or this is what the game tells you.

After you’ve earned so much, the amounts you earn drop down to almost nothing. By the time I got to $199.87, I wasn’t earning anything at all. In order to get the rewards, you also have to watch ads. These ads were mostly for other so-called money-making games. Even though I wasn’t earning any rewards, I still had to watch the ads to continue to play.

I sent two messages to the developers of the game telling them about the issue I was having, and I have yet to get a reply. I’m sure I’ll be told they never got the emails and since I have uninstalled the game, they can’t tell what happened with my game. I also left a bad review on the Google Play Store page. I doubt I’ll be responded to there either.

This post is to warn people not to waste their time playing this game as it’s not going to keep it’s promised of a payout. They make money off every ad that gets seen, and that’s all they care about.

I’ll be reviewing more of these fake games and if I do find one that does actually pay out, I’ll definitely review that one as well.

Pops Connect gets a -5 stars from me for being a time waster and a fake.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!