30 Days of Golden Knave – Day 12

This was the second day of my DIY MFA hosted Writing Sprint Weekend.

I didn’t do that well during the first one hour sprint. My Inner Editor kept getting out of the closet and making me rewrite big chunks of scenes as I was trying to write them. It was quite annoying, and I was glad when the hour was up. I got about 800 words written.

I had to start my second sprint a lot sooner than I planned because family notified me they were coming to visit- at the time of this post they have still not shown up – so I moved up my writing session. This one was more productive, and I actually am in the process of throwing in a bit of backstory on Vice via a dream.:-) I think it will help flesh out his story a bit more, maybe make him a bit more relatable and likeable. We’ll see how it goes. I’m quite pleased to say my Inner Editor wasn’t able to get out of the basement where I put them so I was able to get 1,200 words done in an hour.

I still need to up my game to get to my proposed goal, but I don’t think I’ll be hitting 50k words for his story, My revised goal is 30,000 words for Vice and around 20,000 words for the ending. I’m not sure if things will go as planned, but we’ll see.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


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