30 Days of Golden Knave – Day 21

Vice’s side of the story is done!! Yay me!! With everything I’ve written during this event, including today, added to what I’d written before, the grand total for Vice’s side of the story is now:


I feel so good today especially after yesterday’s abysmal failure!! The story was flowing and suddenly, I realized I’d come the natural place where the two stories are going to merge. It felt right to stop then so, I did. Tomorrow, I begin writing the ending of the story and at this point, it looks like Golden Knave is going to be close to 100,000 words!! That’s about double the size of Crimson Knight!!

I already have an idea for the cover art too. My friend, Donna, gave me an idea for it when I was showing her some ideas I was thinking about using. I’ll work on it while I’m taking a break from the story after it’s written. I’ll be sending it off to Beta readers for their input as well so I’ll have some time.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


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