New Year’s Eve 2020

The year is coming to a close, and I’m taking some time to reflect back as well as look ahead.

This year was the year of the Covid 19 Pandemic as well as the U.S. Presidential Election Drama.

The pandemic is still ongoing worldwide, and I’ve heard a new strain has mutated from the original in Europe. That’s a scary thought but then, the flu mutates every year too. Unlike the flu, even a bad case, Covid 19 can cause lasting damage to both the mental and physical health of a sufferer – it just depends on how bad and how long they suffer from it.

The Drama around the U.S. Presidential Elections has not died down completely yet, the news just has moved on to more entertaining things to report. The country has turned its attention elsewhere and it ready to move on with dealing with the new president.

Personally, 2020 has not been that great a year for me financially. In my personal relationships, my special gentleman friend and I are getting closer. We’re taking it slow, there’s no need to rush, but things are coming along well. With my writing, I’ve finally completed the newest draft of Golden Knave and have it ready for Beta readers starting this weekend.

Looking ahead, Ihave a great many things I want to do.

I have The Between coming out in February.

I have plans to be more consistent with my blog posts, and I actually have themes for most of the days of the week. These are as follows:

Monday – updates on My Writing

Tuesday – YouTuber Reviews – sharing the YouTubers I like to watch

Wednesday – Writing Prompts – prompts will come alternately from a book I have and from

Thursday – Reviews – books, movies and television shows mainly

Friday – Fake Money Games these have become prevalent, and I’m going to be telling you which ones I’ve tried and found to be either fake or real

Saturday – Blog Sharing

Sunday – my day off.

I also plan on launching two books in the coming year:

The Between – February

Golden Knave – May

You know what they say about best laid plans so, we’ll see what happens.

Happy New Year and see you on the flipside!!


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