My Stuff Monday – Mimi, Queen of Fluff

I have shared pictures of my beloved Mimi in the past, but this post is about just her.

Until I got her, I hadn’t had a furry companion since my darling Lancelot had passed – almost four years prior. I had never felt ready for another one. I had raised Lance from barely weaned to five years, and he was a special needs cat. He’d also contracted FeLuke from a stray cat, and he passed away from complications from this disease. It’s basically AIDS for cats. I was heartbroken, but there was nothing that could be done for him. Even now, thinking about him makes me tear up.

I finally decided I’d been alone long enough shortly before my 50th birthday which was last year, and I decided I’d give myself a cat for a birthday present. I found a notice for a local cat shelter at the local PetSmart. Several cats from the shelter were on display there. I gave them a call, and the lady agreed to meet me when she was bringing more cats to the store.

I took my youngest son with me, and I met Mimi. She hadn’t been the first cat I’d seen, she’d come with the lady. She was friendly and enjoyed being petted. I took to her right away. Arrangements were made, money was paid, and she came home with me. I found out later the lady was a hoarder who was selling her cats whenever she needed the money, and the vet she had an arrangement with wasn’t a vet per se but a tech who did stuff on the side. Very shady.

Mimi is sterile, I hope. She doesn’t act like she’s ever been in heat, and I’ve had her for close to a year now. She was sick when I got her though I was told that was just allergies. Mimi does have breathing issues from time to time, but she loves to go outside; it seems to do her a world of good if she spends any time at all outside. She is supposed to have been 3 when I got her so she’s nearly 4 now. I wasn’t told her actual birth date so I’m saying she’s a February baby just because. 🙂

I was told she’s part Maine Coon and part Domestic Longhair with Tortoiseshell coloring, She does resemble a Maine Coon though she’s a bit on the small side – I think. My Lancelot was also half Maine Coon, but he was a short hair. He was as big as she is now. I will post pictures at a later date and maybe, one of you can tell me for sure. It’s not worth a trip to the vet just to make sure.

That’s it about my darling Mimi. I hope you enjoyed reading about her.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


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