Writing Prompts Wednesday – #1

For starters, I’ll be using two sources for my writing prompts:

Writer Igniter – this is a fantastic random generator that chooses Character, Situation, Prop, and Setting.

What If? – a book written by Anne Bernays and Pamela Painter and published in 1990. It’s a book full of writing exercises I think you’ll enjoy.

This first prompt is from Writer Igniter

Apothecary – Character

Stands Up To A Bully – Situation

Filthy Shirt – Prop

Fishing Dock – Setting

Please post your own writing in the comments below as I’d love to see what you came up with.

Jean Paul didn’t much care for his job as an Apothecary when he had to leave his shop. He much preferred its quiet and orderly environs to the noise and chaos of the outside world. Still, once a month he ventured forth to the fishing docks of Himys Bay to deliver medicine to a very old sea captain who lived on one of the boats.

“Ho the ship!” Jean Paul called out to the boat even as he eyed the seagulls circling overhead.

Nasty buggers are just waiting to take a shite on me, he thought, covering his satchel of medicine as best he could.

“Ho the visitor!” came a muffled reply from the mess on the deck.

Jean Paul frowned.

“Captain Bilak?” he asked.

“Aye and who else might it be ye daft son of a he goat!” came the retort. “Come aboard and give me a hand!”

Jean Paul swallowed nervously even as he looked around for a way to board the boat. Captain Bilak was an old and well respected client whose wishes were carried out as best as could be done.

“Lily livered land lubber that one be!” came a laughing roar, and Jean Paul jumped before hunching his shoulders in shame.”Where ye be tryin to go eh Jean Paul?”

Jean Paul’s nerves jangled and turned to face the new speaker. The man wasn’t very big, but he was all muscle. He was also unkempt, always in a filthy shirt and pants. He was a drunk and a bully, and he looked in the mood to be both just then.

“I’m tending to my business Pierre, something you are not,” Jean Paul said, squaring his shoulders and tightening the strap on his satchel.

“What did you say to me!”Pierre roared, his blood shot eyes narrowing with anger.

“You heard me perfectly well though I’m sure your wits are befuddled by your drink. I’ll bid you good day,” the apothecary said.

The sober man turned and stepped over to the side of the boat where it was tied up to the dock. Peering over the side, he saw Captain Bilak was tangled in some rope and not looking his best.

“Ware that Pierre!” Captain Bilak called out to him.

Jean Paul half turned and ducked as Pierre swung a bottle at him.

“Now see here!” Jean Paul was scared of Pierre, but he was even more afraid of something happening to good Captain Bilak, a man of finer character than anyone Jean Paul knew. “Leave off or else!”

“Or else what?” Pierre sneered at him.

Before the smaller man could reply, Pierre rushed at him. Jean Paul grabbed up some fishing net and threw it at him. The drunk man swore and crashed about trying to get the net off of him. He ran headfirst into one ofthe mooring posts and knocked himself out cold.

Straightening his clothes, Jean Paul carefully boarded Captain Bilak’s boat and set the old man to rights once more.

“Well done young Jean Paul!” the old man said, smiling and patting his rescuer. “You finally stood up for yourself!”

“You needed help, and he wasn’t helping,” Jean Paul explained.”Here is your medicine.”

Making a wide berth around the loudly snoring Pierre, Jean Paul made his way back to his shop once again.

There you have it. A short scene using all of the elements of the prompt. 🙂

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


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