Writing Prompt Wednesday – Writer Igniter

This week’s Writer Igniter prompt was interesting. The random generator provides:

Character – this week it’s a Night Shift Nurse

Situation – receives a cryptic letter

Prop – a lava lamp

Setting – a brownstone. This is a type of apartment building in big cities in the Northern U.S.

The following is my little bit. I hope you’ll share yours in the comments below or provide a link to it wherever you have it. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy this week’s prompt.

Marcy felt like wet tissue paper, soaked and ready to fall apart. She was just ending an almost twenty-four hour shift, and she was glad she had the next two days off. She shuffled over to the desk on swollen, painful feet and smiled at the receptionist.

“That’s it for me, Alice,” she said, shouldering her purse. “I’m out of here before some doctor decides they can’t do without my help.”

Alice smiled and nodded.

“I hear you,” she said, her tone full of understanding and sympathy.”This letter came for you just a few minutes ago.”

Letter? Marcy frowned.

Alice handed her a small envelope with her name on it: Marcy Kingston, St. Anne’s Hospital, Night Shift Nurse.

“That’s weird,” Marci murmured, turning the envelope over to see if anything else was on it.

“Tell me about it,” Alice agreed. “The guy who brought it was like some hippy from the 60s with cordouroy bell bottoms and everything.”

Marcy laughed.

“You’re not serious!” she said.

Alice raised a hand in the air.

“I swear!” she said and nodded at the envelope.”Are you going to open it?”

Marcy shook her head.

“I’ll open it later,” she said. “I’m beat and just want some sleep.”

On the taxi ride home however, her curiousity got the best of her, and she opened the envelope. She pulled out a small slip of paper which read:

2349 Robinvalle Road, Eastwich Village

Marcy recognized the road and the village so, in spite of her being tired and still dressed in her uniform, she gave the new address to the taxi driver.

A short time later, she got out in front of a lovely old brownstone. She stared up at it and then, she noticed it: a lava lamp. Not just any lava lamp though; this was an Aristocrat on a starburst base! It was just sitting on one of the stone steps, an extension cord snaking away inside under the closed front door. Even as she stared, the lamp turned on, and the blobs of color inside began to move.

What on earth! Marcy was both delighted and confused.

She walked up to the lamp and picked it very gently. There was a small sticker on the back of the lamp, and she saw it when she turned the antique around. It read:

Happy Birthday Groovy Baby

Leo! Her eyes lit up with the memory of her high school sweetheart.

He had been heavy into the culture of the 60s, and he was the only one to ever call her that nickname. She heard the door open, and she looked up into the eyes of her old flame.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!!


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