YouTube Tuesday – Mark Plier

My youngest son introduced me to this guy’s videos a couple of months ago. He had taped himself playing UNO with some of his friends in the first video I saw him in. He basically tapes himself playing games with himself as well as solo.

He also did a vlog project with a friend of his for a year with the exit strategy being to delete the entire thing after a single year was up – it was a personal thing but it garnered a lot of attention. It has since been deleted, but I think you can find episodes viewers kept and reposted even though they were asked not to.

Mark Plier is amusing in his videos. He plays scary games like Phasmophobia and Never Ending Nightmares – he seems to favor games found on Steam. He also plays games like UNO and Golf. Below is one of his UNO games:

In addition to his game videos, he has a huge selection of other kinds of videos he’s made.

Check him out and let him know what you think! Mark Plier

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and screwdriver!


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