Fake or Real Money Making Apps/Games – Lucky Diamond

This week, I’m telling you about Lucky Diamond, a game developed by Panda Studio. It’s a very easy pop style game.

I played this game for three days. The first day, I played for 20 minutes and got bored so I put it aside. The second day I planned to play until I was able to request the minimum payout of $150m, but after almost 4 hours, I stopped. I was at $140.21. The third day I played, I got to level 100 with a total of $141.83. I stopped playing and deleted the game because it was obvious what it was.

On the first day, I made it to level 18 before I stopped playing. My first couple of level rewards were big – I was at $98.80 when I stopped playing – but by level 7 my average payout had dropped to around $6.

On the second day, my payouts from level 20 to level 30 about $2.50. From level 30 to level 50, the average dropped to around 50 cents. I suspect I didn’t get paid for several levels too because I was at $133 and some change from level 50 to level 57 when I went up to $134.81. The reward amounts kept dropping. My level 60 reward was 45 cents, and my level 75 reward was 38 cents. At level 80, my total was up to $140.21. 13 levels, and I only earned about $6??? This is where I stopped.

On the third and final day, I got to level 100 and quit playing. Level rewards had dropped to an average of 25 cents, but I wasn’t getting that with every level. From level 70 on, in small print, it was saying you’d get a cash reward after 2 levels. After level 80, it was every three levels, and by the time I got to level 100, it was every five levels. This was looking just like Solitaire Relax which had me up over level 900, and I was only getting a penny every ten levels. I liked that game. I don’t like this game, it’s a bit boring. There are people on here at level 1201, but there’s no way to chat with them other than joining their guilds, and those guilds are full. I don’t want to find out if they ever got paid bad enough to really try to talk to them because I’m pretty sure I know what the answer is.

The game is available on Google Play, and you can log in using your Facebook account. Both of those money grubbing companies should be ashamed for perpetuating and enabling a scam. Google has a disclaimer that says they don’t endorse it, but they do because they have it available in their play store. If they didn’t endorse it, they wouldn’t be providing them with a platform for the game. It’s all about the money they are being paid to have it in the Play Store.

If you haven’t guess by now, I am saying this game is:


It’s fun to play, don’t get me wrong They even have guilds so you can get energy from your fellow guild members. They also have contests and goals like other games of this sort. They just don’t payout like they promise, and I hate being lied to. The ads are pretty horrible and repetitive too.

I’d suggest you not take my word for it and check it out for yourself, but I’d just be enabling the scammers too because they get paid for every ad that gets viewed, and you have to watch ads.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!


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