Personal Update: 8 Feb. 2021

My Mimi Queen of Fluff. Just found out, she’s a 3/4 Maine Coon Cat and 1/4 American Shorthair. She’s just a bit smaller than the full blooded Maine Coon, and she’s all sass. She was outside right after it finished snowing (In East Texas below the snowbelt!!?? I know, right!). She didn’t like walking in the snow, but she didn’t mind the cold. This is her first time seeing snow in her young life.

So yes, it snowed here. I was sick with bad sinuses, but I watched my son and our roommate, his close friend, play in it. They had lots of fun, and we have a snowball in the freezer lol.


I’ve finished Vice’s side of the story, and I’m now working out the ending. I’m trying to make it exciting and all while also having the participants be people who would actually be participating. I had thought to bring back the Boomer Brothers, but I don’t think this would fit with the way things are flowing. Earl Asric and at least one son should be leading an army, and Vice has his men. I’m wondering about a contingent from the Crimson Ravens as well, but I don’t know. Things are still changing so, we’ll see what happens.


I’m always trying to learn something new. It keeps my brain occupied and gives me something else to do. So, here’s what I’m learning:

Language: On Duolingo I’ve restarted learning French from the beginning just to refresh myself. I started at the beginning of the year. On the first of this month, I added Spanish to my list. The Spanish taught on the site is from Spain, not Mexico. I speak border Mexican which is a dialect spoken on the border between South Texas and Mexico – around Brownsville and McAllen. Still, the languages are close enough learning Spanish isn’t that hard.

Crafting: I’m learning Tunisian crochet – it’s a style whose stitches mimic knitting, and I’ve just learned the simple stitch. I’m participating in a Crochet A Long that is Tunisian Crochet for beginner’s, and we’re making a set of washcloths, 12 in all, using only Tunisian stitches. This first stitch was actually quite easy as was the slip stitch used for binding off.

In addition, I was given a loom from what appears to be the 60s. It’s a metal frame you put together with wing nuts, and it makes squares, octogons, up to 9 sided gon. The frame has 12 prongs on each side, and you use it to weave things. The instruction booklet has some patterns in it, and they’re all pretty simple. I am working on a placemat that I need more yarn to finish.


I’m still doing freelance writing, mostly on, but I am still hunting for a regular job too.

I think that’s pretty much it for this month’s update. Not much to really talk about. I’ll write another update around this time next month.


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