Writing Prompt – Writer Igniter

This week, we’re back to DIY MFAs Writer Igniter. It’s a random generator that selects four things for you to write about. It’s used to help brainstorm, or give you a break from a stressful project while keeping you writing. In the past, I’ve used all four items selected by the Writer Igniter,and it has proven a bit tricky the last two times. I’ve decided to leave one of the four items out from now on, but it won’t be the same thing every week. I plan to change things up from week to week. Let’s get started with this week’s writing prompt:

CharacterL: Serial Killer

Situation: Gets Arrested

Setting: Cajun Food Truck

Here is my little contribution. Feel free to add yours to the comments below or link to wherever you’ve posted yours. I’d love to see what you’ve written!

Leon watched Her. She was so beautiful, so pure looking with her white dress and pretty white flats. Her chestnut hair gleamed around her thick shoulders, and her brown eyes seemed to warm when she looked over at him. He shifted in his seat, thoughts pacing in his mind.

I have to get rid of Her first. I can’t be lazy. She works close by so I have time.

He could see the dead body in his mind’s eye. It was ready to be taken out, he just hadn’t done it yet. It was early yet,too early, and he was hungry. It was the only reason why he’d left home, had been able to catch sight of Her. He watched her leave the food truck and walk back into the hospital close by the truck.

Smells good. I like Cajun. Might as well.

Getting out, he secured his van and walked over to the food truck. The smells of boudin and spicy fried fish made his mouth water.

“Mr. Walkins,” a man’s hand fell on his left arm.

Leon turned to find himself looking at a smartly dressed man with thinning hair.

“Excuse me,”he said, nodding at the food truck. “Can this wait a minute? I haven’t eaten all day.”

“So, you are Mr. Walkins, Mr. Leon Walkins?” the man said.

Leon watched a man turn away from the food truck with a plate laden with delicious food.

Was that gumbo, with crawfish??

His mouth watered.

“Sir?” the man was getting annoying.

Yes, he’s a cop, it’s written all over him.

A quick look around told him several other police officers were close by. They were all undercover, but Leon could always tell. He sighed,

Would’ve been nice, the thought made him sad, and he cast a rueful look at the hospital. Her too.

“I’m Leon Walkins,” he admitted and put his hands behind his back as he turned to face a second officer who had approached.”Any chance I can get some boudin?”

The two officers just laughed as the first one put handcuffs on him.

“You’re a pretty funny guy for a serial killer Mr. Walkins,” the second man said.

Leon just shrugged.

See you all on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


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