Writing Prompt: Writer Igniter

This week’s prompt is using DIY MFA’s Writer Igniter, a random generator that chooses Character, Situation, Prop and Setting. I have chosen to start leaving one of these elements out to make the prompts a bit easier. Last time I did the Writer Igniter prompt I left out the Prop. This time, I’m leaving out the Character. So, here’s the prompt:

Situation: Hosts a Wedding

Prop: Someone else’s spouse

Setting: Dirt country back road

PJ chewed on a piece of straw from one of the hay bales being used to hold up the wedding arch. The arch was two poles with some paper strung across saying Wedding in big silver letters. There was just enough room under the arch for the preacher and the happy couple.

“You’ve done a great job, PJ!” a woman gushed as she hurried up to PJ.

The woman was packed into a blue dress, and it made her look like an overstuffed sausage. Davy did like his wives plump though so who was she to judge.

“Thank you kindly Mrs. Cleete,” she said around her straw and nodded at the woman. “Nice dress.”

Mrs. Cleete blushed and gave her an aw shucks look.

“My husband helped me pick it out,” she simpered and then, she looked concerned. “You don’t think the bride will be late do you?”

“Considerin’ how Bobby Sue’s daddy is guarding Junior by the preacher and Junior’s sisters are guarding Bobby Sue at my house, I doubt it,” PJ replied, and she shot a look at the darkening sky. “Shouldn’t be much longer now. Bobby Sue wanted to get hitched as the sun was going down, and it’s starting to go now.”

There was the sound of an engine roaring down the dirt road alongside the field the wedding was being held at, along with a lot of shouting and yelling. PJ turned to see a big jacked up truck race up the road. It did a donut in the road and then, it ejected the bridesmaids and the bride. PJ shook her head.

“Didn’t think they’d all fit the heifers,” she muttered, watching the girls puling their dresses down and smartening up. The bride was a bit giggly, but she was beaming with joy. She ran over to PJ and threw her arms around her. PJ almost choked on the smell of moonshine coming off the girl.

“You’ve given me a wedding to remember, PJ!” the girl said, managing not to slur her words.

“You’ve given us one to remember too, Bobby Sue,” PJ assured her, letting the girl’s mother peel her off of her before the girl could go on.

They got the wedding underway, and the couple kissed just as the sun set, it’s fiery rays bathing them in its lurid light.

“Well that’s gonna last.” PJ muttered, and she walked away as the couple was being cheered.

I’d love to see what you did with this prompt so please, either post below or share the link to where you posted. I’ll see you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!


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