Writing Prompt #1 Switching Genders

I’ve decided to step away from the Writer Igniter and the book I was getting my prompts from because I want to try something a bit different. Something I hope will get your juices flowing if nothing else. This week’s prompt is thus:

Think of your favorite fictional character – doesn’t matter if they’re from a book, a movie or a television series. They just can’t be real.

Think about how they look, how they move, and how they behave.

Now, change their gender. If they’re male, they become female. If they’re female, they become male.

Without saying their name, use them in a scene. Describe them in such a way we would be able to tell who they are without knowing their name. If they have a companion, don’t say their companion’s name either.

Once you’re done with the scene, you can say who the character is, if you want. I’ll be letting you all post your guesses in the comments after my attempt at this. Let me know if you like this prompt or not too. Be sure to keep the scene fairly short. Too much detail, like too many cooks spoiling the soup, will spoil the surprise.

She flicked a piece of lint off the sleeve of her tweed coat with a blunt tipped finger, the nail trimmed so it barely rose about the nailbed. Her eyes fell on her legs, and she eyed them critically. Despite the generous cut of the trouser legs, she could still see the contours of her calves.

I need to walk more, she told herself. The muscle tone is off. Can’t have that.

She lit a thin cigarette and looked about her. Her companion frowned at her, but they remained silent.

“You enjoy the occasional cigar,” she said, flicking ash onto the sidewalk.

“I am not a woman,” they reminded her.

“Indeed not,” she replied, her attention on the traffic. “We have a visitor. Let us return to our rooms.”

She turned on her heel and headed inside, a hand briefly touching the hat perched neatly on her thick bun.

“I hate this hat,” she muttered.

Her companion chuckled.

“It becomes you,” they said. “Besides, people expect to see you wear it.”

Her full lips thinned, but she stayed silent.

So, do you know who the character is?

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


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