Writing Prompt: Monster?

Write a short piece starring a monster not being a monster. It doesn’t matter what kind of monster or what kind of world or anything else. It’s your choice. The only constraint is to keep it short Under 300 words short. Feel free to share your work here.

Redgurrrr stomped into his lair with his mace on one shoulder. The mace was stained with blood as was a great deal of his black scales.

“Oh pus bucket, you’re home!” a voice snarled at him as he set the on a ring set into a wall.

Redgurrrr growled as he turned in time to be cuffed on the side of the head with a huge clawed hand. He bared his teeth at his mate even as he smacked her right back.

“What’s for dinner bile spewer?” he asked before grabbing her in a bear hug and squeezing hard.

She bit his shoulder, and he let her go again.

“Two kobolds are on the spit<” she said.

He grunted.

“Good, I’m starved. I had to chase some humans around those old ruins up by out favorite swamp,” he snarled.

A small scaled creature came scrabbling into the room on all fours, screeching. Redgurrrr kicked it when it got close to one of his back legs before snatching it up.

“Pup is horrid?” he asked it.

It bared a full mouth of teeth at him and snapped at him.

“Yes sire!” it snarled.

Redgurrrr threw it onto the ground with a grunt.

“Good. We eat soon,” he told it.

His child clung to his leg as he led the way to their dining cave where the two kodolds were roasting on a spit, waiting for him to finish them off.

A bit rough but it stands. I hope you have fun with this one.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!


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