Writing Prompt : Alien Visitation

This is meant to be a fun little exercise. You can use your favorite character or make a new one. You can have it be from the POV of the alien, from the POV of your character or the all knowing POV – it doesn’t matter. Dark, funny, absurd, shocking – however you want it to be. Just keep it fairly short so you don’t get stressed out. As I said, this is supposed to be a fun exercise. My attempt is below:

Mira’s skin tingled as she materialized in a cramped, smelly area of what research had revealed was called an alley. Research had also shown that materializing in full view of the planet’s inhabitants could prove fatal if not quite uncomfortable.

She stepped around a puddle of especially pungent smelling liquid, her six toes curling to avoid touching it.

“It smells,” she muttered into her comm unit; a tiny bit of silver inside the two foot tall ear on the left side of her rather small head.

“You knew it would,” came the reply. “Are you okay?”

“So far things are well. You’re certain most are in their sleep cycle?” she asked in a low voice.

Research had shown the majority of the beings were diurnal, sleeping during the dark phase of their planet’s rotation around their star. They called it “Night”. It also showed that the younger of the species as well as certain workers were nocturnal yet slept during some of the “Morning” hours. It had been determined the best time to visit was during the early phase of this time.

“Scanners show there are beings about but not many. This is a small enclave,” her commander told her.

Mina’s nose twitched, wrinkling at the smell in the alley even as she made her way towards the road. She wanted fresh air. Carefully, she stepped out to the mouth of the alley and sniffed. She was looking for a specific smell, and she had the best nose of her entire ship.

“Are you sure this is the correct enclave?” she muttered, her lips barely moving as she stepped to her right onto the sidewalk.

Research had shown sidewalks were the safest place to walk to prevent being murdered by the fossil fuel vehicles this species still employed for travel. The beings moved very fast and were not always aware of their surroundings while in these conveyances. Care had to be taken while on the sidewalk not to be “mugged” by beings who were want to accost and rob other beings rather than procure things for themselves in the proper fashion.

This had Mina touching the skin toned pouch on her left hip. It blended in with the paleness of her skin, but she didn’t want to take any chances. Her mission was very important.

“Scanners show it to be,” came the reply.

Mina started walking, scenting the air as she went. She tried to ignore the beings who were staring back at her as she walked along. She’d been taught they were called Human, and they were an emerging species. Contact was to be minimal, and those visiting needed to blend in as much as possible to avoid difficulties with the species. Many had proven to be quite aggressive. It was another reason this small “Village” had been chosen.

A scent caught her attention, and she froze, face tilted up so she could breathe deeply.

“I’ve got it!” she said and began to hurry forward.

She knew she was being followed by a good dozen beings by now, all of various age, as well as two companion animals who had the good sense not to challenge her, and she didn’t care.

“Are you sure?” the commander sounded excited.

“The queen will be most pleased,” Mina purred.

She stopped at the end of the sidewalk and looked around. The road was quite wide, and she could see the vehicles, the “cars” on either side. She was afraid to cross to the other side, to the sidewalk across the street. Her ears quivered.

“Here,” a soft voice said, “I’ll take you across,”

Mina froze and slowly looked down at where the voice had come from. She had a translator pressed against her throat so she could understand and be understood by the locals. The voice came from a small being, one of the offspring of the bigger beings.

“You want to cross the street, don’t you?” the little being asked, its blue eyes big and gentle.

It waved a hairless paw at the busy road. Mina slowly nodded, the scent making her nose twitch. She dipped an ear tip at the sidewalk across the road.

“Cross street,” she managed.

The little being took her hand in its paw and when the cars stopped in the road, leaving a wide channel to cross, it led her across. Mina’s ears dropped as noise filled the air, raucous and painful. She mewled softly, and the being patted the hand it held with its free paw.

“It’ll be ok,” it said in a tone meant to reassure.

Finally they got to the other side, more beings gathering to stare. Mina dipped an ear at the little being even as she sniffed the air again. The scent was stronger here. Without thinking, she started off down the sidewalk, the little being still holding her hand. They traveled a short ways before Mina stopped and took a deep breath just outside an open portal to a dwelling. The scent came from here.

“Do you want sweets?” the little being asked.

“I have found the source!” Mina burbled into her comm, thrilled to be close to ending her mission.

Aside from the small being, she wasn’t comfortable around the other beings.

“Good! Do you have the currency they require for exchange?” her commander asked.

Mina touched the pouch on her hip again.

“Yes,” she said. “There are quite a few beings here, a small one is quite close,” she reported. “I hope we won’t have any mishaps with extraction.”

“Things will be fine,” her commander assured her. “Complete your mission.”

Mina dipped her ears as she stepped carefully into the dwelling. The little being still held her hand and so, it joined her.

“This is my gran’s shop,” the little one said. “She makes the best sweets.”

She released Mina to bounce ahead into the “shop”. Mina would need to remember this was not a dwelling, it was a shop when she wrote her report.

“Gran!” the little being called out even as Mina followed her nose away from it.

She heard the little one murmuring to someone else, but she wasn’t concerned. She walked over to glass case with several shelves holding what she sought. It was a dark brown to black substance that was mostly in long rectangular shaped and stacked together. Others were small and round, sitting in bowls. MIna’s nose twitched, and her mouth watered.

“It’s almost magical!” she breathed, leaning down to sniff and look.

“This is my Gran,” the little being was back, and it was leading an elderly looking being by a paw.

Mina turned, still half bent over, and she dipped an ear tip at the case.

“Are you wanting some chocolate dear?” the Gran asked in a gentle voice. “Have a taste first. I make these myself.”

The elderly being went around behind the case and moved about the shelves on the wall behind it. She brought out a small box and put it on the glass case. Mina’s nose twitched. The smell came from the box too. She chuffed softly when the being opened the box to show small squares of the brown substance inside. The being offered the box to her.

“Try one,” she said.

Mina hesitated, unsure what to do. The elderly being took a square out of the box and handed it to the little being who was reaching up for one from Mina’s side of the case. The little one took the square and bit into it. Mina watched with wide eyes and turned back to the box which was offered to her again. Careful not to touch the other squares, Mina gingerly picked one up. She bit gently into the squared and hummed with pleasure as the best taste she’d ever experienced flooded her mouth.

Still humming and chewing, Mina tapped the case with a fingertip.

“How much would you like?” the elderly being asked.

Mina pulled out the round thing she was told was called a “gold coin”. The beings on this planet valued this object and would happily trade anything for it. She placed it on the glass and as she did, a loud murmuring rose from the crowd of beings peering into the shop from the sidewalk. The elderly woman made a shushing noise as she rang a small bell Mina hadn’t noticed.

Another being, one much younger than the elderly but older, and taller, than the youngling appeared from a portal.

“Shelia, close and lock the door pet<” Gran ordered, waving a paw at the front of the store. “Then help me bag up the chocolate,”

The being stared at Mina who was looking back at the contents in the case.

“It’s called chocolate,” Mina murmured into her comm, the word awkward yet oddly delightful to say. “It’s very good.”

“You consumed some!” the commander was outraged.

“Shelia get on with you lazy girl!” Gran’s sharp tone had Mina wincing, but she relaxed when she opened the case and began pulling out the trays and howls the chocolate was in.

“The coin is worth a great deal apparently,” Mina assured him. “I am receiving a large quantity.”

The being, Shelia, finally did as she was told, and the chocolate was placed in boxes that were heaped onto the top of the glass case.

“Why do you want so much chocolate?” the little being asked.

“Queen’s birth day celebration.” Mina spoke carefully; human speech was full of different dialects, and she tended to confuse some. She didn’t want to be misunderstood and offend. “Gift to her.”

“You’ll be wanting a cake then too” Gran announced. She handed Mina the little box, the eaten chocolates having been replaced. “Here, you can keep this for yourself.”

“Cake?” Mina asked even as she tool the box.

“I’ll go get the big one, yeah?” Shelia asked Gran who nodded.

Soon Gran nodded and made a face at Mina research had shown to be a smile, a look of happiness.

“That’s all my chocolate though for the coin, you could have anything else you’d like as well.” the elderly being told her.

The case was covered in boxes and bags full of the substance Mina had been sent to get.

“I’d suggest having her try the Dark Chocolate first,” Gran told Mina, nodding at the box she still held. “That’s what’s in the box.”

Mina dipped both of her ears even as she carefully placed a silver disc in the middle of the pile. She hummed as she looked over what Gran and Shelia had given her.

“Good gift,” she said, ears dipping again even as the disc began to hum itself. “You have confirmation?”

“Scanners show a large amount of the substance you call chocolate within the boundary of the teleporter. Is this correct?” her commander asked. “That’s quite a lot of it.”

“Confirmed,” Mina answered.

The pile dematerialized, bringing muted noises from outside again.

“Are you going now too?” the little being asked, tugging on Mina’s tunic.

“My mission is complete,” Mina announced, relieved to be going even as she looked down at the little being.

She was surprised to see water shimmering in the being’s eyes as it gave her what was assuredly a sad look.

“You can’t stay and play with me?” the little one asked.

Mina’s left ear dipped, and she was at a loss for words.

“Nuani leave our guest be. They have a birthday party to get to no doubt,” Gran bade the little one, coming out from around the counter to take the little one’s paw in one of her own. She nodded at Mina. “I hope your queen likes the sweets.”

Mina’s ears dipped low even as she felt herself dematerializing.

“Thank you and good bye.” she barely remembered to say.

If you’re here with me now, thank you so much!! My little story took on a mind of its own. I’m liking it so much, I’m going to add it to Wattpadd as part of my story collection there. I’d love to see what you’ve done with this writing prompt yourself so please, post a link in the comments below!!

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


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