Writing Prompt: Descriptions

Every writer, at some point, has to describe someone or something in their work. Anne Rice wrote pages describing how a room looked, to the smallest detail. Other writers are minimalists when it comes to description, preferring to allow the reader to use their imagination. Case in point was Stephen King describing the demon in IT and not Pennywise.

For this exercise, I’d like you to describe something or someone without coming out and saying who/what they are. Let us, as the readers, try to figure it out. The description can be as long as 500 words or as short as 12 as long as they are descriptive and not cryptic! 🙂

Here is my attempt:

Standing by the water’s edge, eyes on the open water, it shone in the light of the rising sun. Tall yet sleek and powerfully built, it stood in complete stillness, waiting.

Put your answers in the comments below to see if you guess what it is!

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See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


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