Something to think about

I have written several posts about green ideas like the Forest BioEconomy initiatives happening in the United States and in Europe. I’ve also written about a hybrid energy producing systems which are even now being created and tested. I foresee several of these systems being put to use in geographical locations where they make the most of their parts. Places that are mostly plains with plenty of wind would be ideal for hybrid energy parks featuring solar and wind, mostly wind, systems in addition to fossil and nuclear components.

I found an article in the online magazine, Engelsberg Ideas, written by Helen Thompson called The geopolitical fight to come over green energy. I recommend reading it.

This article talks in broad terms about the way different countries are handling the move towards a green energy future and how they are viewing this inevitable shift. The entire world is moving towards a future with less pollution and more efficient energy production while also building the global economy.

Change is happening right now

Helen Thompson rightly points out there are going to be issues, political mainly, as things progress. It stands to reason that there will be. People don’t like change, and big business hates change when it affects their bottom line. Governments also hate change because it can threaten the power they hold over their people, can threaten their status quo.

Still, the world’s population is demanding a greener future no matter the cost. Climate change is not entirely man’s doing, it’s part of the earth’s cycle however, Man has helped speed up the time table so that this change is occurring a great deal sooner than it should be. In order to slow things down a bit, as well as provide a future that is cleaner and healthier for its people than it is now, Man has to make some hard choices and some big changes.

Accountability is for everyone

This means the citizens of the world must hold their governments accountable, as well as themselves. No one country can do it alone. No one person can do it alone. We must all do our part to assist in the changes that are needed to be made. We cannot ask one county, much less one person, to do something we are not willing to do ourselves.

Change must be done globally with governments and citizens doing their parts to assist with the changes.

What can we, as individuals do?

  1. Petition your authorities on all levels from local all the way to the top, demanding they support green energy initiatives including technological developments like the hybrid energy systems being developed by the Department of Energy in the United States.
  2. Invest in green energy systems in any way you can – if you can afford to get solar panels and small windmills to help you offset your energy bill you lower the overall need for fossil fuel energy.
  3. Demand companies reduce their emissions and carbon production through petitions and if necessary, boycotts. Companies are boycotted for less so why not do it for something that would benefit everyone?
  4. Find ways to assist in the development of economies that help your local community, ways that can be scaled up to help other communities in your country as well.
  5. Research the issues facing the move towards a greener future – don’t let big business and governments control the narrative, the flow of information. The information is out there, you just have to educate yourself and not believe everything told to you by those in power and in the media.

The future is being born even as I write this. Europe has already begun making the changes, and the rest of the world needs to follow. Changes can be made and not hurt local economies. In fact, the changes could actually help local economies, they just need to get out of their own ways. The past must be let go off in order for progress to be made.

The Industrial Revolution would not have happened if people weren’t willing to take chances and embrace change. We are in the beginning stages of a new revolution. This revolution will encompass technological changes, political changes and even economic changes as we demand a greener, healthier future for ourselves and our families.

This is something to think about but make no mistake, change is coming, it’s already on its way.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


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