Update May 2021

I have several things to update you on. 🙂


That image is of April’s square on the Mystery Sampler Stitch-Along I’m working on. I think it came out pretty interesting looking. I already have the pattern for May’s square, and I’ll be working on it tomorrow.

Personal Stuff

I’m taking classes from Shaw Academy in Bookkeeping and a mini MBA in Business. I am nearly done with the second of four modules. The classes are about 30 minutes each, and they put a lot of information into those time periods. I am really enjoying them.

I’m also taking Personal Development classes over on Skill Success. They are mostly beginner level courses, but I’m still learning a lot from the classes I’ve taken so far. I’ve taken several different time management courses as well as memory and productivity classes.

I took those courses because I really need help being more productive and use my time better. I need to hustle and make every day, every hour, count in order to reach my goals, and those classes have helped me figure out how to do that.

I visited with my gentleman friend as well this past weekend. I had fun, and we didn’t really do much. Just getting away and spending time talking and being together was enough for me. We were hog hunting at night, basically watching the feeder and waiting to see if they showed up. He has a scope on his rifle that links to his phone so I could watch what the scope was seeing too. It was actually pretty entertaining – like watching a black and white horror movie. 🙂 We didn’t see any pigs, but we did get to watch some deer and raccoons.

Book Ends

I am making a pair of LOTR inspired bookends. My son came up with the ideas for them. They are going to be small dioramas of two scenes in the LOTR sage. One is going to be the table where the hobbits sat in the Prancing Pony when they meet Strider. The other will be the white tree where Aragorn and Arwen got married. They will be done in 1/24 scale, and I’ve already begun work on the Prancing Pony bookend. I am taking it slow so I get them done as nicely as I can.


I’ve begun the long task of putting my second draft of Golden Knave on the computer. I do several drafts in long hand and then, I put it all on the computer. With my back the way it is, I can’t sit in from of the computer for too long before I have to get up and move around. This means taking breaks and staying focused when I get back from the breaks. Actually, my neck has begun to bother me as my condition worsens with age. Still, the story is getting closer to being published.

I am still working on getting cover art for The Inbetween, my supernatural thriller. Any suggestions on an artist to work with would be greatly appreciated.

That’s about it for this month, I’ll have more to talk about next month I’m sure.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


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