Shop Titans – Game Review

I actually play this on my PC on the Steam platform. I had played it on my phone, but it’s much easier to play on PC. This game is also FREE.

This is a game where you basically:

  1. Make things to sell from blueprints
  2. Decorate your shop to bring in more customers
  3. Recruit Heroes and Champions to go on quests to bring back items to create with. Things like Silver Powder and Glowshrooms
  4. Upgrade your suppliers’ buildings to get your materials faster
  5. You get a pet to help with charming your customers so you can get them to pay more for items.
  6. You level up your blueprints to make more and more expensive and powerful items
  7. You outfit your Heroes and Champions with things you make and buy from in game characters.

The game is very laid back, and you have no time limits to make things. There are guilds, I’m in one, and they give you perks like

  1. Help you level up by completing bounties
  2. Bounties give you items from Grab Bags once you get 100 guild coins
  3. Leveling up buildings in the city is done by everyone and not just you
  4. You get help with upgrading furniture in the shop
  5. You can buy/trade with other members

I’ve been a member of the guild I’m in: Bastionhold for a month now, and I enjoy it a great deal. There’s no pressure to do anything, but I do because it helps me as well as the guild.

Gameplay is super easy, and leveling doesn’t slow down until you get around level 30. I’m at level 41 myself, and I’m the highest ranked – right now.

I really like how I can play and do very well without having to spend any money. The game does offer things for money and has three special suppliers in town you can only get if you buy them. They aren’t necessary to the game however – they simply add to it. I also like how on the PC, you don’t get all the ads like you do on the Mobile App. That gets annoying after a while.

I recommend this game to everyone who wants something laid back and easy to play. If you want to join my guild, I’ll be happy to have you! As always, don’t take my word for it – check out the game yourself. It’s on Steam and from the Google Play store for sure – there may be other places to find it as well, but I don’t know them myself.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver.


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