Learning Experiences

We all have learning experiences from things we did wrong as well as things we did well. It’s hope we learn and grow as people, as humans. These experiences can be small or grand, seemingly inconsequential or life changing. Sometimes, they are all the above. It’s a matter of perspective.

The pandemic that is slowly being brought under control has reminded me of a great many learning experiences I’ve had in my five decades of life as I’m sure it has to many older people all over the world. It’s been a wake up call to many in the younger generations and sadly, a large majority, it hasn’t been more than an inconvenience.

In addition to reminding me of past learning experiences, it has also presented me with new ones. I have been trying out new hobbies and new interests as my supplies in my preferred hobbies and interests have either run low or run out altogether. I have been successful at some and a failure, so far, at others. Still, I have learned new things about these new things as well as about myself.

My growing older and my advancing health condition have also brought me new learning experiences. I have changed the way I cook my food as well as learned new recipes for many things I already like to eat. I learned how to make flatbread, and I found I really enjoyed it though the kneading part did make my wrists ache a little. I am determined to make more in the future.

Being content, and making do, with what I have has presented me with reminders as well as new learning experiences, and I think I have grown with them – all of them. I am more appreciative of my life experiences, of my friendships and with my family.

Many people don’t like the learning experiences that come from something bad happening – such as the pandemic, but these are the ones you’re supposed to notice. Not all of them come on such a grand scale thankfully, but they’re the ones you really need to pay attention to. A near accident, an accident, a job loss, even a death – they’re all meant to teach us something even if it’s how to cope with grief.

All learning experiences, good and bad, are how we grow and become better people, but only if we accept the lessons being taught, if we actually learn from them. If we don’t, they will come again, in another form, but they will come again. Personally, I tend to need repeats, and reminders, because I don’t always recognize what I’m supposed to learn. We all do, I think.

No matter what, the biggest lesson I have learned to date is I have to keep moving forward. No matter what happens, I have to keep moving forward, keep growing and learning as a person. I can’t let life get me down, I can’t give up. If I give up, I might as well shuffle off this mortal coil because I won’t be of use to anyone, not even myself.

Just something to think about, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to comment below.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


2 thoughts on “Learning Experiences

  1. With our ingrained thoughts and habits that we seem reluctant to change (consciously or otherwise), we do usually need repeats and reminders to learn, I think. šŸ™‚

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    1. I agree. Bad habits are the hardest to break, and this hard work tends to throw some people off. It’s those who are determined to change, to learn the lesson being taught, who will break these bad habits eventually. Reminders are always welcome, or should be. It all depends upon the person receiving them. šŸ™‚

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