Gotham Ghosts – Audio Book Review

This story was written by Craig Schaefer, and the audio book was narrated by Susannah Jones. It was originally released in April 2019.

I got the book because I thought it was going to be a really good ghost story, and I didn’t stop to read the description. It wasn’t what I thought it was, but I’m glad I didn’t read the description before I bought it. If I had, I would have missed out on a really good story.

This is a story about Lionel Page, a reporter who makes a living debunking everything from faith healers to pet psychics, and he has no limits to how far he’ll go to get the story. He gets a tip from a mysterious woman named Regina Dunkle about a supposed lost manuscript written by Edgar Allen Poe. Is it real, or is it fake? Regina will pay Lionel to find out, and he gets the scoop no matter which way it goes.

Madison Hannah is also on the hunt for the manuscript, and she finds Lionel a willing partner, once she decides not to kill him.

This book is a supernatural thriller with a thread of romance woven through it. It’s done tastefully and feels almost natural. This is a welcome change from the blatant, in-your-face romance a lot of books are full of these days. Even when it doesn’t really fit the plot of the story, authors seem to think romance should be in there somewhere. In this story, the pair becoming a couple seems to be a natural thing and doesn’t interfere with the rest of the story.

I really enjoyed it, and I recommend it to anyone who likes stories with magic, mystery and a bit of romance thrown in. Warning: there are some death scenes a sensitive person might not want to hear about. I’m a horror far so, it didn’t bother me.

As always, don’t take my word for it, give the story a listen. I am on the hunt for the written book to add to my library.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!

Writing Prompt: Flash Fiction

I haven’t done a prompt in a bit so, here’s one for you. Writing a max of 300 words, use a dolphin, a teaspoon and sadness as elements in your story.

Once you’re done, please share somewhere and post the link in the comments. I’d love to see what you did!

I’m not quite up to creative writing just yet, but I’ll post the link as soon as I get mine done.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!

YouTube Tuesday: Tabletop Witchcraft

My apologies if I’ve shared this fantastic channel before, but the creative behind it is awesomely talented! I’d love to see him do a collab with Real Time Terrain!

Check out this incredible build he did in Feb 2020!

What gets me the most is it’s made of FOAM!!! Be sure to give him a Like, a Share and Subscribe if you like what you see here. Comments are always welcome, good or bad – we creatives love feedback of all kinds! It’s one of the things that helps us grow and develop in our chosen craft!

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did!

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!

Update July 2021

I usually don’t do my updates until further in the month, but I haven’t posted in about two weeks, close to it so, I decided now would be a good time.


I’ve been sick so I haven’t been posting at all. I’ve hardly done anything except play on Facebook when I was bored but feeling too sick to do anything else. I get bored easily thanks to my ADD. I had a bad sinus infection than ended up needing to be treated by professionals. I have sinus issues twice a year so I was prepared, it just got beyond my abilities to treat very fast – something that hasn’t happened for over a decade now. Good news is, I’m now on the mend and getting stronger every day. I should be back to my old self in no time. I’ll be posting the rest of the week for sure!


This month’s part is out so I’m going to show you last month’s part. 🙂

You should check out what Ana over at My mis(?)aventures with yarn has done with the sampler we’re both doing 🙂 Her version is gorgeous!!


I always like to share what my feline companion is up to. She’s been busy nursing me:

Golden Knave

There is going to be a delay of sorts with this novel as I’m changing the POV of Vice’s side of the story again. It’s just not working for me, and I believe it’s why I haven’t come up with a good ending yet either. I am going back to the original ending with some big changes rather than do one completely from scratch because I like more of the original ending. Wow, I almost did a Faulkner lol.

So, I don’t foresee the second draft of Golden Knave being done for another couple of months. Vice’s part of the story is almost as long as Kitya’s at this point, and this is a good thing. 🙂

Other Projects

Book Ends – I still haven’t finished these. I got absorbed by the Room Box I’m working on.

Room Box – this is the first one I’ve ever done, and it’s at half scale. That said, I miscalculated and made the door too big, and I didn’t realize it until the door had been glued on. Since this box is a first and is only for me, I don’t care. I’m seeing this whole project as a learning experience. I am doing a fireplace using foam and tissue paper. It’s a bit funky, but I’m okay with that too. My darling son, Joe, cut out strips of cardboard for my floor so once the walls are done(only one left!), I’ll go to work on the floor. I’ll post a picture of the finished project.

Diamond Painting – I got this thing over a year ago and got it out at the beginning of the year to work on. I hav just begun work on it again. I’ve never done one before so it’s a bit off on the edges. Still, I think Ill have fun with it. I’ll post a picture of the finished project as well.

That’s basically it for now. I’ll post again tomorrow for sure 🙂

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!