OpEd: Cursing and Swearing – Are they really signs of intelligence?

Curse: utter offensive words in anger or annoyance.

Swear: the use of offensive language.

Both of these definitions fall under the umbrella of Profanity: blasphemous or obscene language.

I have been told that use of Profanity is a sign of intelligence, but my own research has shown this to be false. According to a study conducted by Yale University and the paper later published called The Relationship Between Profanity and Intelligence:

“ABSTRACT. Profanity and censorship are prevalent in our culture. Many negative opinions about
cursing exist, but there is little actually known about how harmful it can be. The purpose of this
experiment was to see if cursing is correlated with intelligence. The hypothesis is that there will
be no relationship between cursing and intelligence. A 28 question survey that assessed cursing
frequency was given to 46 college enrolled participants. After the survey, the participants were
asked to complete the Wonderlic Personnel Test in order to assess their Intelligence Quotient.
After running a linear regression analysis between the factors in the survey and the IQ scores, no
statistically significant relationship was found between cursing and intelligence. There was a statistically significant correlation found between IQ score and whether or not the participant reported that he or she attempts to expand his or her vocabulary. These findings show that although
cursing may not be socially desirable, it is not a predictor of intelligence or the lack thereof. It
was shown that vocabulary and the desire to expand it may play a large role in intelligence. This
should be emphasized in scholastic environments, especially for children before the age of three.
Developing an extensive vocabulary as soon as possible seems to lead to higher intelligence….”

I have always believed profanity is a lazy person’s way of speaking. It was originally used to shock people into silence thus allowing the person speaking to “win” the argument or whatever. Most people use certain profane phrases out of habit and as a knee jerk response when someone makes them mad or whatever.

In the olden days, like the Middle Ages, being profane was actually a sign of intelligence because you had to have a decent vocabulary, and some wit, to properly “curse” someone.

Latin words were translated and used by those with an education while common folks with limited educations would use profanity of a more religious nature. ‘By God’s Body!” was a popular one and was later changed to “By Jove” to make it more acceptable.

Monty Python did some tongue and cheek “swearing” by saying: “Your mom is a hamster, and your father smells of elderberries!” I first heard this as a preteen and didn’t know what people thought it was so funny until an older friend translated : “Your mother is a whore, and your father is a drunk.” Very witty and got past the censors of the time.

I enjoy reading passages where a person spends a few minutes insulting a person:

You bloody pox ridden, pustule covered, flea bitten, mangy, foul smelling, ignorant son of a three-legged ram!” or some such. That kind of insult takes a bit to pull off so a big vocabulary is a must.

Nowadays, big vocabularies mean insulting someone using technical terms for bodily functions as well as scientific names for things and doing things usually ends up with the receiver of such an insult having no idea how burned they are.

While there are many benefits to swearing and using the F word, using it as part of a normal conversation is not a sign of intelligence imho. Using it every other word is plain stupid and shows a serious lack of creativity at the very least. When someone uses profanity in regular conversation, I stop listening to what they have to say because it’s not going to be anything interesting or important – not to me.

When angry, swearing is very cathartic and thus, is useful. Swearing just to do so isn’t.

End of my op ed. Tell me what you think – I promise I won’t use any profanity. I am just trying to get a feel of what others think.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!


YouTube Tuesday- Bonnita Doodles

I was watching Chantal on her channel doing a collaboration with another artist on YouTube, Bonnita Doodles. The pair had exchanged boxes of art supplies hand picked by the giver, and the receiver was to make something out of the supplies.

Chantal tickled me because she even used the box the supplies had been shipped in as part of her build!

Bonnita is an artist who draws and paints so Chantal sent her things she could draw and paint with. I found her fun to watch even though I am not interested in learning how to draw or paint.

For those of you who are, here is a link to the collaboration so you can see how talented she is:

I hope you enjoy watching the video and if you do, please comment and Like – at the very least. Creatives love getting feedback and constructive criticism is just as good as a compliment.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!

New Discoveries – Food

Since I’ve begun eating healthier, I’ve begun trying new foods. I started with veggies, and I tried a Gold Beet. This thing is huge with a long tail more like a turnip than a beet, but it was the size of a soft ball – cricket ball for those of you outside the United States. I found a recipe for it that called for roasting it so I decided for my first taste, I’d do that.

Roasted Gold Beet and Breaded and Baked Zucchini

I was also trying a new recipe using Zucchini, but it didn’t come out as well as I’d have liked. I may not have let it cook long enough. It’s on the right side of the plate.

On the left side of the plate is the Gold Beet, and I cut it very small – maybe too small because it cooked a heck of a lot quicker than the recipe called for so some of it is a bit over done. It’s not burnt, but it is well done. It tasted okay – better than regular red beets, but I’m still not sure of it. I’ll try another recipe and then, if I’m still not all that thrilled with the taste, I won’t eat it any more.

After Veggies, I tried a new Fungus: Oyster Mushrooms.

I forgot to take a picture of them before I cooked them so, I’m going to include one from the internet:

Wild Oyster Mushroom

The thing looks pretty interesting, and I got some to try. I love mushrooms especially those I can eat raw as a snack. I pulled a piece apart from the group, and I popped it into my mouth. It was fleshier than I am used to, a bit rubbery, but it’s not too bad. It was the after taste that got me. I am not sure which part of it created the bitter taste as I’d put the whole thing in my mouth to eat, but the bitterness was off putting. I decided to cook it and went looking for a recipe. I found one that was for pan frying. I can pan fry mushrooms no problem – seasoning them is a different story. My first attempt, I put too much garlic salt seasoning on them – uck!! The second attempt was way better though I stopped short of adding the butter the recipe called for.

Pan Fried Oyster Mushrooms

They don’t look like much, but they were very tasty! They’ll make a lovely addition to my eggs!

These were my new discoveries with food. I am ordering a box from Misfits Market now as it’s cheaper and easier than running to the grocery store when it’s convenient for my roommate. There’s only one car between us, and it belongs to him….. I am saving up to get my own, but I may continue with this box service if it proves cost effective and better yet, provides me with a variety of healthy food to eat.

oh yes!! One last new thing I tried!! I tried rice milk in my coffee. I don’t use sugar unless I don’t have milk, and rice milk is actually decent tasting. My son tried it too, and he said it’s like regular milk only watered down. I think it tastes like watered down powdered milk, but it’s still good so, I might get it again. We’ll see,

That’s it for this week! I’ll see you all on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!!

Word Association #2

I had such fun with the first one, I’ve decided to do it again. The game is simple, read each word and write down the first word that comes to mind. The FIRST one, and it doesn’t matter what it is. Your mind makes associations in many different ways and no two minds work the same way! Also, you can’t use the same words I choose:

  1. Victory
  2. Honesty
  3. Blue
  4. Sorrow
  5. Truck
  6. Dog
  7. Child
  8. Serendipity
  9. Scrumptious
  10. Benign

Here are my answers. Please, post yours in the comments and don’t worry about explaining why you used a word. It’s all in good fun!

  1. Winning
  2. Truth
  3. Red
  4. Happiness
  5. Bronco
  6. Malamute
  7. Mother
  8. Surprise
  9. Pie
  10. Safe

I look forward to seeing what kind of answers you give me for this little game! 🙂

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!

YouTube Tuesday: Darkest Raven Designs: Dumbledore’s Office Final Video

As promised I am linking to the final video in the playlist. Chantal of Darkest Raven Designs did an amazing – better than amazing – job on this build of Dumbledore’s Office from the Harry Potter books and movies. She didn’t just do a basic mockup either. She got very detailed from the glass jars in the Memory Cabinet to all the books and paintings. She hung curtains, put in mirrors and paid attention to even the smallest of things.

She did all of this, and she brought us all along for the ride with a series of videos and live streams, including asking for contributions from viewers to add to the build. I was with her from the very first video, and I watched each one with a growing sense of wonder and awe as she turned her idea into a reality using photos from books and from watching parts of the movies. She even found the blueprints for the office online and showed us where she got them.

While the video below is the final video, you can easily watch from the beginning as Chantal has put together a playlist, and it’s live. Please, be sure to Like and Comment if you like the video(s) and be sure to Subscribe because she has a lot more projects, not all Harry Potter themed but just as wonderfully created, planned.

I really hope you enjoy this video and will watch the rest in the playlist. I highly recommend them!! Of course, don’t take my word for it, check out the above and decide for yourself.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!

Another Project Complete!

I’ve been working on making little blankets for each of the houses in Hogwart’s as part of a build being done by my friend, Chantal, of Darkest Ravens Designs. She’s just finished Dumbledore’s Office, and it’s amazing. You can see all of her work on YouTube.

The blankets are all the same size, they just don’t look like it because of how I took the photo. They aren’t blocked either because they will be used in the common rooms, not the bedrooms. I believe she’ll be draping them over furniture and maybe, have one like just dropped or something. We’ll see when she gets the rooms done.

I just need to get them to Western Australia where Chantal lives now.

Just thought I’d write a quick post. I’ll be linking to the final video of Chantal’s current build tomorrow so you can see how it turned out, and the entire playlist is already active should you want to go back to watch from the beginning.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!

EBook Review: The Moonlight Hauntings: A Riveting Haunted House Mystery Boxset by Mason Dean

The Moonlight Hauntings: A Riveting Haunted House Mystery Boxset

I’ve only had a chance to read the first book in this set which is all about Gabbington Mansion in Glenmont Maine, and I can’t wait to read the rest.

I think this story is really great, but it did seem a bit pat in places. I did like the mystery and suspense of finding out who the killer was. The ghosts weren’t spooky, but I guess I’ve watched too many horror movies as well as “reality” ghost hunting shows because they weren’t all that interesting either.

It was a nice story thought, and I am eager to read the next story in the set all about Quenby Mansion in Georgia.

I do recommend this if you’re looking for a light read. Don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself on Amazon!!

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!

Golden Knave Update August 2021

I have a Beta reader! She lives in the UK, but she’s willing to work with me about the time between us 🙂 I am waiting on a friend here in the US to let me know if she’s interested in being a reader still – she just finished some intensive chemotherapy and may no longer feel up to doing something like this.

With L, she’s going to be holding me accountable. I am sending her a chapter a day Monday through Friday which means I have to work on getting it from long hand to the computer before I can email her anything. I’ll be doing to formatting and the rest once everything is on the computer, it’s easier that way actually – for me anyway.

I sent her the backstory including an overview of Crimson Knight so she’ll know where things stand when she begins work on Golden Knave. I also sent her the first chapter of Kitya’s story. I actually thought I had all of Kitya’s story on the computer, but I was way wrong so I’ll be doing that before anything else.

Golden Knave still doesn’t have an ending, but I’m sure once I get to that point, I’ll have it worked out. It would be impossible not to.

I think, I know, Golden Knave will be done before Yule this year as that’s my final goal for this project.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!

OH YES!! If you’d like to be a Beta reader, feel free to let me know in the comments below! This is an adult fantasy novel so be forewarned!!

Personal Update 9 August, 2021

It’s been trying working with WordPress to correct issues that weren’t allowing me to write posts. It took a while, but it looks like things are back to normal again – just in time for me to update you on what’s going on in my world. I will be posting a Writing Update next week as I hope to have some nice things to share.

First, a Mimi pic!

Mimi and her housemate, Butterscotch

Yes, Mimi does have another furbaby to hang out with. Butterscotch is the proud owner of my son, Joe. He got her from the same “shelter” I got Mimi from, but she allowed him to bring her home month’s later. She’s about a year younger than Mimi and a great deal more vocal in general. Mimi only vocalizes when she wants something – usually to go outside.


I have a part time job at Lowe’s Home Improvement Store here in town. The pay is worth the 25 hours I work, and I even have a set schedule thanks to the Creator. I am one of the few part timers with a set schedule and every weekend off. I am truly blessed as this allows me to continue seeing my gentleman friend on the weekends when he’s free, and I have plenty of time to do other things when he’s not.

I work only mornings as well 5a to 10a and go to bed around 730p. I’m usually worn out by then because I stay busy the entire day. I’m having to rearrange my personal schedule to accommodate these hours, and I’m slowly working out what all I can do in the time I have.

I’m enjoying the work though, five years ago when I was working there, only my feet were sore at the end of the day. Now, even with only five hours of work, both my feet and knees are sore. It didn’t help that weekend before last I got a bit too energetic and pulled the ligaments attaching my right knee to my right thigh muscles. Everything right above my kneecap protested vehemently when I put pressure on it. It no longer hurts, but it’s still sore like my feet and left knee. I just take it a bit easy when I get home.


I’m on my feet most of the time I’m at work, but I make it a point to walk around the perimeter of the right half of the back yard in a rectangle with Mimi when I get home. My job has disturbed her routine too, and I’m trying to make sure she gets outside time because I know she doesn’t go outside with the boys unless she absolutely has to. This is much less stressful on her.

Body Changes

As I’ve changed my eating habits a bit to adopt a more light and healthy menu following mostly Mediterranean recipes, my body has begun changing for the better. I can see my cheekbones beginning to emerge, and my jowls are receding. I didn’t really have double chins, but I was on my way. I’m not now. I have lost about 1 1/2 inches on my waist since I measured on 31 July, 2021. I also weighed myself and was down to 181 pounds. My hips are being stubborn and staying around 47inches which is pretty wide for someone my height. I am confident I can get them down as well with all the walking and squatting and ladder climbing I’m doing now.

First attempt at making flatbread

Using a recipe with no yeast, I made flatbread for the first time ever. I can’t roll a circle to save my life, but it still turned out very good! My son, Joe, and his girlfriend really enjoyed them too. He wants me to make some more when we get more ingredients for it! 🙂

Cross stitch Projects


I’m actually not sure why the image on the right is so zeroed in when the original picture was a long rectangle, but it does give you a good idea what the section for July was. In the picture on the left, you can see what the entire project looks like so far. August is the third block on the left, and I figure Sept – Nov will be the rest of the blocks with Dec being the big space in the bottom middle. We shall see.

Anita from My (mis)adventures in yarn has her own section up as well, and I encourage you to check it out as she’s done some stellar work with variegated thread. I can’t wait to see how she did with the August block since it has a large almost completely round motif in it. We’ll both have to wait to see it!

Frederick the Literate

Since I’m done with the MSAL for the month, I can return to the cross stitch project I’ve been working on for several years now. I work on it and then, life happens, and I have to pack it away again. Each time, I worry I’m going to lose it. This time, it took me a while, but I did find it packed away with some other things. I do try to stay organized when packing but….

Frederick the Literate

This is a kit from Dimensions, and I actually found a puzzle with him as well which I will put together at a later date. There’s a lot of detail in this project so it takes time, but I’m going to do the best I can to get it finished this year.


Dead Among Us alien

I found the pattern for this on Ribblr , but I wasn’t crazy about it as it wasn’t written that well. I did the best I could and while I don’t really like how it turned out, my son, Joe, likes it. That’s what matters since I made it for him. There was a pattern for the Living Among Us alien, but the pattern was written even worse than this one, and I hated how it turned out when I made it so I tossed it. I’ll look around for another pattern and try again.

That’s really about all I have to share with you. I’m making changes in my life that will help me live a happy, healthy long life, and I’m more than happy to share them with you.

Feel free to comment or ask questions – I may have an answer for you!

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!