Golden Knave Update August 2021

I have a Beta reader! She lives in the UK, but she’s willing to work with me about the time between us 🙂 I am waiting on a friend here in the US to let me know if she’s interested in being a reader still – she just finished some intensive chemotherapy and may no longer feel up to doing something like this.

With L, she’s going to be holding me accountable. I am sending her a chapter a day Monday through Friday which means I have to work on getting it from long hand to the computer before I can email her anything. I’ll be doing to formatting and the rest once everything is on the computer, it’s easier that way actually – for me anyway.

I sent her the backstory including an overview of Crimson Knight so she’ll know where things stand when she begins work on Golden Knave. I also sent her the first chapter of Kitya’s story. I actually thought I had all of Kitya’s story on the computer, but I was way wrong so I’ll be doing that before anything else.

Golden Knave still doesn’t have an ending, but I’m sure once I get to that point, I’ll have it worked out. It would be impossible not to.

I think, I know, Golden Knave will be done before Yule this year as that’s my final goal for this project.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!

OH YES!! If you’d like to be a Beta reader, feel free to let me know in the comments below! This is an adult fantasy novel so be forewarned!!


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