Another Project Complete!

I’ve been working on making little blankets for each of the houses in Hogwart’s as part of a build being done by my friend, Chantal, of Darkest Ravens Designs. She’s just finished Dumbledore’s Office, and it’s amazing. You can see all of her work on YouTube.

The blankets are all the same size, they just don’t look like it because of how I took the photo. They aren’t blocked either because they will be used in the common rooms, not the bedrooms. I believe she’ll be draping them over furniture and maybe, have one like just dropped or something. We’ll see when she gets the rooms done.

I just need to get them to Western Australia where Chantal lives now.

Just thought I’d write a quick post. I’ll be linking to the final video of Chantal’s current build tomorrow so you can see how it turned out, and the entire playlist is already active should you want to go back to watch from the beginning.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


2 thoughts on “Another Project Complete!

  1. It’s wonderful that your blankets would be a part of an epic build! I’ll be keeping an eye out for them when Chantal gets to the common rooms.


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