Personal Update – September 2021

First off, let me apologize for not being consistent with my blog posts. I’ve become hyper focused on getting one project done, and I’d nearly gotten the main part completely done before I ran out of floss. Yes, it’s a cross stitch project. It’s one I’ve been working on and off on for several years now, and this year, I’m determined to get it done before the year is over.

Frederick the Literate

Frederick from now on called Fred, is a kit from Dimensions, and it’s done on dark navy blue. This makes it hard to see the holes where the needle goes as well as counting the squares. Yes, it’s counted cross stitch. It’s a full cover project also which means most of the background in covered up in stitches. Imagine my disappointment and irritation when, after nearly two weeks of constant work, I end up running out of floss on the very last portion of the project I have left to do before I began to work on the details. See for yourself

As you can see, I got a lot done. I just need to get the owl done and do all the detail stitching. I’ll do that after I’m done with the Halloween MSAL Anita and I are going to be starting. It’s the Halloween 2021 MSAL(A Storybook Halloween) hosted by Stitchonomy. I’ll be doing the frame later today to get me started.


I’m still working on the MSAL by Linen and Things as well. I’m going to start work on the block for September later today too. My block for this month had some big spots full of color and while I don’t think mine came out as well as Anita’s did, I’m still happy with the result.


Work is work. I’m in a routine now so things aren’t so overwhelming. I have clear cut duties that I can perform however I want as long as the end result is the same so that’s a plus. I work with a diverse group of guys – I work in Plumbing, and the women don’t seem to want to work in that department. I don’t mind it. I take all the training I can get, and I listen to the Licensed Plumbers to learn from them too. I don’t want full time, and I don’t want to work in other departments though I’ve been asked. I am content where I am.


Golden Knave is still being read by my Beta readers one chapter at a time. I don’t have time to copy and email huge chunks of it, or I haven’t. I may do more than one chapter at a time once the weekend comes, and I don’t have a huge project waiting for me. 🙂

I am considering going with XLibris for the publication of The Inbetween, but I haven’t decided yet. I will cost me money to do that, but they do offer me a bit more than Amazon does so I’ll have to consider it. I still don’t have the cover art for it since my niece flaked out on me.

Health and Well being

Found out I’m anemic now so I’m having to take vitamin supplements in shot form as well as up my intake of green leafy veggies and red meat. I don’t eat a lot of meat right now, and that’s part of the problem. I’m no longer having dizzy spells since I’ve begun rebuilding my red blood cells so I’m going to follow the doctor’s advice. I’m still slowly losing weight, and the doctor tells me more red meat won’t hurt my weight loss so there’s that.

I have finally gotten below 180 pounds!! Yay me! I just need to drop another 50, and I’ll be at my goal weight of 125!


I’ve mostly been listening to audio books on Audible of late. I can listen and stitch at the same time. I have mainly been listening to “scary” stories like Night of the Living Deed, Relic and Oracle. Of the three, I’m liking Oracle the best. I like Preston and Child a lot too, but this audiobook is fantastic. The narrator takes the wonderfully evocative words the writer uses and levels them up to a new art form with his voice and how he narrates the story. It’s absolutely marvelous!! I wish he’d do Stephen King’s books instead of the narrator Mr. King is using now.

When I can, I’ll get back to reading physical books. I prefer them to audio and ebooks.


My furbaby is still her usual sassy chunky fluffy self. Since I’m working again, our daily routine has changed, and she was unhappy for a bit. Now, she’s used to the new routing we’ve worked out, and she’s stopped pouting and giving me dirty looks. Maine Coons have very expressive faces, I kid you not. She can get pretty vocal too.

That’s it for now, folks. I would love to hear what you all have going on! Projects, hobbies, books you’ve read, concerts you’ve been to, family stuff – whatever you’d like to share with me!

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


4 thoughts on “Personal Update – September 2021

  1. Love your needle work. Its beautiful. I have not seen any beta in my emails did I miss something.? My life is wrapped around doctor appointments mostly. Started my radiation treatments today. 19 more to go. LOL Only project I have had time and energy to work on is making new cushion covers for the sofa in the man cave. Its been slow going because the chemo brain was pretty bad but now is starting to clear up. Soon it will be time to start on some Xmas ornaments. Have an order pending if I can get them done. Glad you are following doctors orders, take care and stay healthy.

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  2. Great stitching progress on Fred! For the L&T blob motifs, I like that you’ve used a color that isn’t too bright – I think the bright colors around these motifs divert focus away from the motifs. Glad you got your RBC count back up, and are making progress towards your goal – good luck!

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  3. Thank you so much Anita! I’ve begun the Halloween SAL too – it’s on Saturday Stitching! 🙂 I also agree the bright colors seem to take away from the motifs but I think I’ve got a good balance going. This month’s block wasn’t that bad.

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    1. I mean that it’s a good thing the bright colors pull your eyes away from the solid-blob motifs. 🙂 You’ve definitely achieved the right balance there.


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