Change is Good for you

Change, is most cases, is good for you, and in this present case, it’s going to be very good for me. Almost a year ago, I moved in with my youngest son and his roommate because of Covid-19. This is a little house built in the 1960s, or so we think. It’s owned by the roommate’s family, and we pay the utilities while taking care of the house and yard.

The house has two bedrooms in it – one in the front part of the house and one in the back part of the house. It has a small bathroom with only a shower, a kitchen, a small living room and a large room at the back of the house that has doors opening onto the porch.

Roommate used the living room for his bedroom, and he used the first bedroom as his “office” – it’s where his computer was and not much else. My son used the big room in the back for his room, and the second bedroom was being used as a storeroom.

Fast forward to nearly a year later, and the boys have changed rooms while I am still in the second bedroom which they cleared out for my use.

Roommate is now using the first bedroom as a bedroom though he’s left his computer in the room as well – he doesn’t have to go far to go to bed after staying up late playing video games.

My son has taken over the living room to use for his bedroom and his computer as well.

The big room in the back is partially storeroom and partially a living area. I have all my things in one area and set up so I can actually use it for my crafts. The rest has boxes belonging to the boys. A futon separates the two areas so it’s not chaos.

This is the whole point to this rather boring post. The change is good for me because I can get out my diamond painting and get it finished this year as I finally have a place to put it. I can work on other projects that need space as well. It’s all good.

The boys seem happy with their new arrangement as well especially my son since he now has a great deal more privacy than he did before.

Change is good definitely good for us!

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


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