A Not So Manic Monday

I woke up early before work so I decided to write and schedule my post for today instead of waiting for after work.

Mondays at work can be really manic for most people, but since I go in at such an early hour, it’s not for me. Not until it’s almost time for me to go home, and I happily leave all that for my co-workers to enjoy.

Other than work, the only other thing I have to do today is work on the Halloween SAL I’m currently involved in. I have to wait until I get paid to order the rest of the thread I need to complete Fred as well as order Glow in the Dark thread for the first time ever to use on the Halloween SAL. I won’t be showing anyone how it looks until the SAL is almost over. 🙂

Mimi is her sassy fluffy self. For a month or so, she was exclusively in my room and only left when she wanted to go outside. Now, she’s in the room I just finished sorting into our collective sitting room/storage room and my crafting space. There’s a bookcase in there, and she sleeps under it a lot. She does follow me around the house now, and she goes into my son’s room, but she only does this when I’m in there. If I’m not home, she’s under the bookcase. I guess she just wanted a change of scenery.

I’m still writing and sending things to my Beta readers. I have a good friend who got a big chunk of Golden Knave because I know she is still recovering from chemotherapy and is now undergoing radiation. I don’t want to overwhelm her sending chapters several times a week so I figured one big chunk she could work on when she was feeling up to it. Then, she’ll get another big chunk when she’s done with that. 🙂 I could also just share my Google Drive or set up a Drop Box for us all. Suggestions, comments?? I want to make things easier for all my Beta readers but especially for her.

That’s it for now, see you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!!


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