Memories and More

My friend, Sandra, passed several years ago. She was a wonderful person even when she got sick with cancer. She still did charity work, still gave of her time, and she always had a smile. She loved her sons and her husband, and she was one of those moms who kept mementos of her children as they grew.

When she passed, most of the mementos were taken by the boys, and her husband(boys’ stepdad) took some she’d kept of their time together. They still had a lot of leftover things including a lot of Christmas decorations. Her hubby, a good friend of mine as well, packed these things away when she passed, and he never opened the boxes again.

He recently asked me if I wanted any of the decorations and other things he’d packed away because he was planning to give the whole lot to charity. I asked him to bring over what he had, and I’d take care of it for him. It was sad to go through the things. Many things dated back to 1970 while others were from the year prior to her passing.

I chose what I wanted, and I’m giving the rest away for free. I know she’d like for me to do so because it’s a way for her to continue her life of giving.

I’ve also finally reset up my crafting area in the room vacated by my son. He moved into the room we were using for storage because it offers him more privacy. I like the new area as I have more natural light to work by. I’ve set up a desk, and it has my diamond painting I’ve been working on for a couple of years now. It’s halfway done, and I plan to do get it completely done this year. I’ll post pictures when I do my Update post for October. 🙂

I’ll see you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!


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