Writing Wednesday: Words are more than just a collection of letters

Words truly are more than just a collection of letters. Ancient humans used them to help them identify things especially when talking to another human – words for animals and plants for instance. They created words to express their feelings as well.

As communication became more advanced, such as the invention of writing, words evolved and became much more than simply names for things. They began to mean things and do things. They helped record history, record important things for business, to teach a great many important things, and to entertain.

With the advent of story telling, words developed more deeper meaning, and they took on yet another dimension especially when combinations began to form. Phrases, idioms, even descriptive passages began to shape people’s thoughts and feelings, drew them in or shut them out. Words began to paint pictures and create ephemeral experiences.

Words still do this even today in our sophisticated world. We know the difference between truth and fiction, most of us do at any rate, and the majority of us are willing to suspend this knowledge in order to fully enjoy the experiences words give us.

Words are still developing as people learn to use them, manipulate them, in order to create even more vivid ideas and thoughts. Words have become “delicious”, “sexy”, “scary” even “disgusting” depending on how they are used. Words have always been evocative, very little in the beginning, but more and more as humans reacted to them and learned from this reaction.

Phrases from Martha Grimes’ Rainbow’s End:

“…coruscating flash of lightning..”

“…varnished with light…”

“…fire…throwing shadowy beckoning fingers up…”

and from Tami Hoag’s Night Sins:

“A sense of anger and disapproval tainted the moment like a layer of soot on her skin.”

“…thick shroud of gray…dimmer than twilight…”

“…world turned into a hazy place of smoke and mirrors…”

“Their innocence marred like a clean white page streaked by dirty fingers.”

These call up imagery not spelled out in their words, they don’t need to be. They are invoked, created by their collaboration with the reader’s mind and life experiences.

It this interplay and interdependence that drew me into the world of reading when I was not even in school. My late grandfather used to tell the story of how, when I came home from my very first day of school, I was upset and a bit angry. When he asked me what was wrong, I told him I hadn’t been taught how to read. My grandmother, bless her, gave me a chapter book for my 5th birthday. This was a book with no pictures in it, hardly fit for a 5 year old only she knew, like my grandfather did, I was no ordinary 5 year old. Once I learned to read, my reading level shot up and by the time I was 7, I was reading that book by myself from cover to cover. It was Bomba the Jungle Boy, and it was written by Stratemeyer Syndicate under the name Roy Rockwood around 1926. This is the same group who wrote and published Nancy Drew, which I later read as well. It was 1975 when I got my copy of Bomba the Jungle Boy, and I wish I still had the book. It disappeared somewhere along my life’s road, but I plan to replace it now that I know where I can get a copy.

What do you think of the words you read? What words and phrases catch your attention and linger in your mind long after you’ve finished reading?

Do you agree words are more than just a collection of letters?

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!


YouTube/Twitch Tuesdays: GrimCommando95

My son has finally become an affiliate!! He’s much more relaxed with all that stress off of him, and he’s even doing chat streams now! He plays different games and takes requests.

Here’s one of his recent videos:


In this video, he’s playing Fallout with some friends. He will play with people he doesn’t know too so ask him. 🙂

I’ll be sharing more Twitch streamers as I get to know them. I am on YouTube more than Twitch, but I’ll be doing more exploring on Twitch when I can.

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!

My Stuff Monday: More Projects

Yes, I said more projects. I finally got my crafting space sorted, and I’ve pulled out another long term project that has to be finished this year or, it never will be.

Diamond Painting

This is a project I tried for the first time, and it may be my last time. I have issues sitting for long periods of time, and this is the kind of project that needs that if you’re to progress at a decent rate. I’ve been working on this off and on for about two years, and I’m finally going to get it done!

Here is part of my crafting space:

Here is the project up close:

It’s a Diamond Painting of the Orion Nebula. It’s upside down because I’m working on that side, and I don’t want to put my hand on the part already done. I plan to put mod podge or some other clear sealer on this before I try to frame it. I may not ever do another, but I know I won’t do another in the foreseeable future.

I have started a Crochet project which I’ll tell you more about on Friday, but here’s the beginning:

This is from a free pattern so if you want to do this same project, you can! Check out my blog post on Friday to learn more!

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!

Saturday Stitches: End of Week 3 of HSAL and MSAL Update

HSAL is what I’m calling this Halloween themed Stitch-A-Long from Stitchonomy I’m currently doing. The MSAL is the Mystery Stitch-A-Long from Linens and Threads I’m also doing. Anita from My (mis)adventures with yarn is doing these two projects with me, and I encourage you to check out what she’s done on them!

The HSAL is a daily pattern release project, and I’ve just completed Week 3. I believe there are 10 blocks left to fill in after yesterday’s block. Today’s block hasn’t been released yet. Below is the picture of my progress thus far:

End of Week 3 progress

This week, we had :

  1. The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus, a movie and originally a story the producer told his children before bed.
  2. A ghost ship for The Flying Dutchman, a legend from the Netherlands.
  3. A man being bricked up in a wall for Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado.
  4. Cthulhu from The Call of Cthulhu written by H.P. Lovecraft.
  5. A clock for Poe’s A Telltale Heart.
  6. Slenderman from the urban myth created from a story from SomethingAwful.com
  7. A man looking at a painting for The Picture of Dorian Gray written by Oscar Wilde.

If I missed one, let me know, but I think I got all of them done. 🙂 I’ll be adding eyes and details once the project is done. I’ll be changing the eyes in the painting to red because it’s supposed to be showing Dorian’s evil nature.

On to the MSAL, this fun project hosted by Linens and Things is a monthly block pattern, and I’m having lots of fun with it. I’ll be showing you the block for September. October just came out, and I haven’t worked on it yet. Anita’s version of this is absolutely gorgeous and inspiring so, once again, I encourage you to check out her posts about it!

September’s Block

This one came out very well, and I’m excited to get to work on the next block – it’s nearly done, and I’ve enjoyed every month so far! I’ll be framing this one with great pride and will definitely being doing next year’s as well!

See you on the flipside and don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!