Free Pattern Friday: Baby Boy Blanket

I am still busy making octopi for a co-worker who has commissioned them. Of the 9 she asked me to make, I have one left. I’ve given her 5 so far, and I’ve got 4 left to give to her. When the last of the 4 are done, I’ll take a picture of them and post it so you can see how cute they all are. She chose the colors. Each one took less than one skein each to do. Most of the yarn used is cotton with 2 skeins being acrylic, and she bought all of them herself for me to use.

Currently, I am working on both blankets she’s also commissioned me to make : one for a 2 month old preemie girl and one for an 8 month old boy who is on the short side for his age though not a preemie.

Baby Boy Blanket

This blanket is going to be 32 inches by 36 when it’s complete. It’s being made using an F(3.25mm)hook and Lion Brand Mandala in the colorway called Nifflers which is a 3 weight yarn. The striping is natural to the yarn, and I’m wish the blue-green section could’ve been thinner. It’s looking like I may only need 2 cakes of this yarn with each cake being 590 yards, but we’ll see once it’s done.

The pattern is a very simple Corner to Corner aka C2C pattern, and you can find very good instructions from The Crochet Crowd.

I’m still working on the blanket for the little girl too, alternating between them as they use two different stitches and patterns.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and I’ll see you on the flipside. Don’t forget your towel and sonic screwdriver!!


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